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KMS 4120/05 Equivalent for an Irvine Tutor 40 Mk1

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Hi folks, I have googled looking for one of the above motors, assuming that if it's ok for the Mk 2 I can use it on a Mk1 Tutor with a bit of woodwork in the nose. I can't find one anywhere and my brain has basically had a small explosion and told me to get lost. 

SO: can anyone suggest an equivalent? ( I tried googling KMS 4120/05 equivalent but got nowhere fairly quickly ) 

I have no problem buying a new one but I DO have beside me an FMS Predator 3648/770 and a 60a speed controller which I have been speculating about  - would that work? 

If not, can someone help out a melted brain type and tell me what to buy? 


If you're wondering what I am doing with a Tutor 40, I got it unbuilt in the box and would love to have it pootling about for calm Sundays, as I passed my A on one back in 2003ish but that one had an OS40LA in the front and I am a sentimental old tw**  as my girlfriend would put it. And I do recall enjoying flying the thing: it got a LOT of repairs back in the day resulting eventually in a total re cover ( apart from the fin, because why not ) eventually buying the farm after a downwind loop at zero feet. ( I know ) 

Anyway, thanks folks. 

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