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  1. *Morgan Freeman Voice* "It did not, in fact, fly that Sunday. Instead, he got drunk and fought a racoon." To be fair, the bit about the drinking and the racoon is a lie, but it's true I didn't fly that Sunday. In fact, it still isn't done, because life got in the way but it's getting there. The plan now, is Pontefract. It should be joined by a Cardinal and a Foxjet. I hope. Anyway, the servos and snakes are in, the motor mount cut and drilled what's left is hinging the rudder and elevator, making and installing the UC, and putting the last of the rado gear in. Oh and making a battery hatch. Motor is a 2212 /1250KV on an 8x4 with 3s. ( I will try it with 2s as well just because. )
  2. I have been thinking ( I know ) I have at least 4 half built models, and it occurred to me some time ago that they are all at the same point: Radio installation. I can't go any further until the radio and associated electrics are in. This is clearly because I hate installing radio. I mean to the untrained eye they look like they are at different phases but they all need radio/ power systems before any further progress and I am willing to do almost anything to avoid that. Including leaving the model half built for nearly three years. Procrastination IS something I am good at. Anyway I will be screwing up my determination and getting on with it soon because I only have one non Ultra Micro that's flyable, so necessity in this case is the mother of determination. I was also wondering if you have a similar point that slows you down or brings you to a grinding halt?
  3. Blimey that was quick - thanks! I'll try both when I can get down the patch again ( and after a happy evening or two sticking the aeroplane together 🙂 )
  4. Hi folks, I have googled looking for one of the above motors, assuming that if it's ok for the Mk 2 I can use it on a Mk1 Tutor with a bit of woodwork in the nose. I can't find one anywhere and my brain has basically had a small explosion and told me to get lost. SO: can anyone suggest an equivalent? ( I tried googling KMS 4120/05 equivalent but got nowhere fairly quickly ) I have no problem buying a new one but I DO have beside me an FMS Predator 3648/770 and a 60a speed controller which I have been speculating about - would that work? If not, can someone help out a melted brain type and tell me what to buy? If you're wondering what I am doing with a Tutor 40, I got it unbuilt in the box and would love to have it pootling about for calm Sundays, as I passed my A on one back in 2003ish but that one had an OS40LA in the front and I am a sentimental old tw** as my girlfriend would put it. And I do recall enjoying flying the thing: it got a LOT of repairs back in the day resulting eventually in a total re cover ( apart from the fin, because why not ) eventually buying the farm after a downwind loop at zero feet. ( I know ) Anyway, thanks folks.
  5. Hi Rich, it's a Mk2, and yes, I shall definitely be doing the Making Patterns thing. It's the 4 channel version ( the one I bought back then - I remember vividly buying it from Manchester Model shop a good 20 years before I worked there - now very sadly gone thanks to ...well, I better not get started ) Chris sold it so me, along with the Enya 40, a glo start, Solarfilm and various glues. I bought the radio, a Futaba Challenger 6 the following month. I should be starting the build over the weekend, and I STILL haven't decided how to power it so I need to make that decision fairly quickly. Also, obviously, I have er...*counts up* another 5 projects on the go but they've been sitting on the Shelf of Doom for a while so I don't think it's TOO much of a disruption to put the HB to the front of the queue.
  6. I just picked up a kit fro one of these for a tenner, still in the box. The catch is someone has done a TERRIBLE job of starting it. The good news is that they didn't do much, and the glue they used appears to have slightly less sticking power than a post - it note. I will make a new servo tray and the two formers that go around it but other than that it's all pretty much ok. Wings are happily untampered with and it has instructions and decals /stickers and most of the parts including hardware. I am torn between converting it to electric or using an Enya 40ss because that's what the one I had back in the day was fitted with. I remember it flying very well, and I landed it on my first flight ( which was supervised but not buddy lead connected ) and I liked the thing, but it got sold when circumstances led me away from the hobby until my return about 23 years ago. It felt...settled, I think is the word I would use to describe it - the not-insignificant weight lent it energy which you had to account for and treat accordingly. I am looking forward to having another soon 🙂
  7. Mr S, I promise I wasn't referring to you. Aside from anything else, I didn't see you demanding someone be fired :-) I helped with my schools first computer in 1974 ( it was bui;t by one of the teachers in a massive plywood box with an 8 light readout ) Poor choice of words, I should have said a "Type" rather than a generation. And also that the sort of person I am talking about was generally nowhere near the blitz chronologically.
  8. Exactly, particularly when the shrieking is largely from a generation given to waxing lyrical about "geTTing oN with it liKe WE did iN the bLitz" but demanding the firing of someone for ...THIS. Seriously some of you need a word with yourselves.
  9. Extended nacelles just mean it's a late model with the two stage Merlins. 🙂 that thing is great! Has it flown yet? Edit: I see it has! Very well too! Great work.
  10. Yup, back in the old days you had to think. So what's stopping anyone having to think NOW? You just said you find it a "mystery" You have to think of different things is all. I am not denying free flight is an art, but this "Oh it was better in the old days when nothing worked, cost an absolute fortune but weren't we all clever?" Is a bit disingenuous if we refuse to engage our much vaunted brains with a computer radio and a manual. Different skills, yes, but not necessarily better ones - evolution in action.
  11. This is great Steve - I just went to my first indoor session last week and seem to have caught the bug a bit so I'll be putting one of these together - thanks!
  12. Hi Mike, will Sarik be doing a set of formers as well as ribs? ( I am really looking forward to building a new one to go with my 3 year old :-) )
  13. Yep, I have had three of these now related to my ad for a Cambria Eagle.
  14. Hi folks, I have had this sitting in it's bubble wrap for a couple of years and decided it's time it got built. I started building on Monday evening and I am at the covering stage having installed the servos beforehand and will put the motor in after covering. I really, REALLY hate installing radio: I inevitably end up with a hostile octopus made of ariel wires, servo cables and thick, unwieldy power cables. Anyway, Here it is so far, I will even slap a proper undercart on it. As far as power goes I am thinking 2s, a 2822 and an 8 x4, largely because I have them in stock and the last time I put anything bigger in a model this small ( A cardinal) the thing torque rolled into the ground. Any criticism, howls of derision or straight up advice would be welcomed. I am considering re joining my club which I let lapse at the beginning of the year because I am not one of natures social animals but it's the only way I get to fly so I am just going to have to deal with it if I want to get anything in the air again. So, to this end - will I get it finished and set up before Sunday? Who can tell?
  15. Hi folks, bumping this a bit in case anyone just happens to have found one down the back of their couch.
  16. Thanks! it did, though it's had so many pilot induced issues it's now retired, waiting for a replacement to take over :-)
  17. I loved my CB and will be building another - it's just had too many repairs now ( my flying, nothing wrong with the aeroplane. ) but it flies beautifully and is all electric. ( I fitted a fuselage mounted undercart which was later replaced by a carbon one. The last pic shows it after a couple of repairs and after I cowled the motor, while it was waiting for a spinner. The wing is built up and I used the sandwich method to make the ribs - not something I fancy doing again, I have to admit. She will fly happily on 3s but goes "properly" on 4.
  18. Hi folks, I am looking for a Cambria Eagle - either completed or boxed kit or anything in between as long as it's all there and no one's made a dog's breakfast of it. Based in Manchester, but I might be happy to drive a bit... Cheers All.
  19. Nice work, looks fantastic in the air. I can't get used to foam board, having tried a Flite Test design, but it's clear that I need to persevere ?
  20. I'm a keen plastic modeller too: I really like old vac forms in particular. I started building with an Airfix Mig 21 when I was 4 ( nearly 54 years ago ) Here are a few of mine from the last few years:
  21. Oh crikey I am looking forward to the updated Chilli Breeze in particular. Thanks Mike, for updating a classic design - I will by flying my old and repeatedly repaired one at the weekend, and was just thinking that it was about time I built a new one. ?
  22. Thanks folks. it is looking more and more like the expo issue. I should have the model ready to test fly again by Monday. I will be blanking the memory and re setting up the whole model, anc being careful to make sure that there is no expo to start with, as well as checking all soldered joints, and adjusting my range check procedure. I really want to thank everyone for your advice - I shall be updating the thread as soon as I have some more info. Cheers again!
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