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  1. I appreciate your issue as I am the same. Adding tail weight will not be a problem with this model. I used hard balsa sticks for strength and on completion a 2200 3S battery balanced perfectly but only giving a five minute flight time. I am thinking of using a 3200 3S battery which will mean adding lead to the tail. I am thinking now that I should have made the tail feathers stronger and maybe even solid. More to think about, sorry. Steve
  2. Thanks John. After a weekend off, or that could be an off weekend but let's not go there, I decided to check the balance. Checking the plan shows the C of G at 33% of the cord ? having just become used to Peter's 25%. To achieve this will place the battery well back the same as NigelS IIRC or 30g of lead on the tail. I am wondering what other builders have found, particularly Peter as you have just built, flown and sold one. Steve
  3. It's off the Weston Park Show website which the OP was talking about. Looking for explanations but seems a bit odd that they include a photo that's not at Weston.
  4. Assembled! finished ? apart from control horns. Next pictures will be at the field ? Steve
  5. We have heard this before but my observation is that you are in a minority. Like most I charge, fly and return to storage ready for the next flying session. Steve
  6. I have noticed that the adverts don't shrink to fit the device screen. The web site should have different version of images for the three screen device sizes then the device browser displays the best fit. It's all handled automatically in cascading style sheets (CSS), I could be wrong as it's a long time ago that I was developing web sites. As Gary says it's not right and needs more work. Steve
  7. ? A bit more space for the battery will do no harm. Steve
  8. June and nothing has changed. ? Only Global! Steve
  9. Go to notifications, the bell. select Email then PMs will be emailed to you. Steve
  10. or even quadruple posts ? That needs fixing I think. Steve
  11. Rich is still having problems with his mobile and is unable to read your PM. Steve
  12. PM George P with your email address or phone number then he can get back to you. Steve
  13. Double clicking does not work for me on my android. I have to swipe right to left then it appears. Interestingly on the RCM&E home the menu icon is on the left of the bar and it works as a drop down menu, much better I think. Steve
  14. After many attempts I finally managed a double post. ? Double posts should be impossible because the code that greys out the Submit Reply button is client side. Pressing Submit Reply runs a piece of code, on the device, that greys out the button and also sends information to the server (server side) nothing happens until the server replies, as indicated by the button continuing to be greyed out. When the server replies the new page should be loaded along with the button returning to normal. That did not happen but the page refreshed without the new post. To double post click on the editor and the post reappears so submit reply again, I assume this can be repeated many times. Eventually all the posts will, like magic, appear but to do so the page has to be refreshed by reposting or leaving the topic and returning. I assume the server is replying to my device before the database (DB) has been updated with the new post, posts must sit in a queue waiting for the DB. Not how it's supposed to work but as we have been told the Techies are working on the system. Steve
  15. I decided to add side windows. Not brilliant but as we all know film over film is not easy to do due to the bubbles that form. An improvement on my first attempt (Swizzle Stick) but I need more practice before I try to finish the Fournier RF4. Working on the hatch, hinge and magnets, before final assembly. Then ? control rods and horns and not much else left to do. ? Steve
  16. Covering finished ? Final assembly and hardware to fit. Not a lot left to do which is good as I am losing interest and in danger of never finishing it, it's happened before. ? Steve
  17. Does it I had noticed multiple posts recently.
  18. Does he want another one as I am in the same boat. I did a lot yesterday three more bits of covering ? Sides done. too much because I made some mistakes. Hopefully I am the only one that will know. Steve
  19. Talk to Steven O'Hara at Mortons. He is very helpful. My understanding is that subscription renewals are available through RCM&E subscriptions as they always were. Steve
  20. One more piece added. but it's a big bit. Steve
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