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  1. Same here Jeff but now the price advantage has gone I have had to reluctantly move on. Your HK prices do not include VAT and handling charge whereas mine do which makes them expensive compared to UK suppliers. I interpret the £135 rule as not applying to HK because the way it works is HK would have had to register with HMRC for it to be relevant then HK would have to collect the VAT and in theory pass it on to HMRC. I know I am ignoring the information about UK tax on their web site, which was relevant for the UK warehouse, but this is the latest information from HK. 'Tax fee or customs fee will be collected by your customs agency or the courier once the parcel is arrived in UK and for delivery. If ordering from our Hong Kong warehouse, we do not collect this fee upon checkout, only for item and shipping cost.' My logic is that as they do not collect any tax it follows that tax cannot be forwarded to HMRC therefore they have not signed up for it and all purchases will have VAT and handling charge collected by the courier upon delivery, as stated by them. This is the way it has always been from their Global warehouse with the exception that there used to be when below £50 tax would not be collected that has now gone as has tax free gifts. We can all expect to pay VAT on everything we buy. Steve
  2. Looks even better in the air Keith. A super fun model. Steve
  3. Gents, When asked about tax HK replied There is no mention of the £135 limit and as they say tax is not included. My understanding is that the £135 limit can apply if the seller has made arrangement with HMRC to collect tax up to £135 and pay direct to HMRC, HK can't have done this as they do not collect any tax, as stated in their reply above. I expect to pay 20% VAT and a handling fee on all purchases from HK, which means I will not be using HK anymore. Since HK have been forced to include VAT, collected by the courier, the price advantage they had is lost couple this with the far better customer service from UK based suppliers I know who I will be buying from. Steve
  4. The symptoms are exactly the same as I had. With range check there was no loss of control just the low RSSI. If it's the same there is nothing to be done, as I found out after struggling with the alarms for a while. I wish I had checked with Richard first as that would have saved me from considerable frustration. Steve
  5. I had this and Richard at T9 said a batch had been produced with the wrong chip. He replaced mine and the problem was solved but, that was over a year ago. If yours is new it's not going to be the same. Steve
  6. Yes, it is as there are too many fakes out there. The advice on here has been 'only buy from a reputable dealer (LMS)'. A club mate bought four 'Futaba' servos on ebay for £20 an experienced modeler took one look and said 'they are fakes do not use them bin them' later when tested non worked reliably, cheap? I have also read on here that fake servos can be fitted to second hand models just to make them more attractive and increase the price, not something that I have seen myself. Even if they are genuine, you have no knowledge of how near to the end of their life they are. They could pass the test then a few flights later fail in mid-air at the cost of the model. Based on this advice I only fit new servos bought from a reputable dealer like 4-Max. BTW there are topics on here with photos showing how to spot a fake. Here is one Steve
  7. I wondered because both your links were in the USA. Steve
  8. The menu is displayed off the screen on the right-hand side swipe right to left to display. This is a known issue from before the recent switch over and is caused by the advert banners not scaling to match the device. Steve
  9. I asked this question How is VAT paid to HMRC in the UK when buying from Global warehouse. From HK 'Tax fee or customs fee will be collected by your customs agency or the courier once the parcel is arrived in UK and for delivery. If ordering from our Hong Kong warehouse, we do not collect this fee upon checkout, only for item and shipping cost. Any customs/import fees are placed by each individual country and we have absolutely no control over the amount they may charge.' So, expect VAT and handling fee to be collected by the courier on delivery. Steve
  10. In order to test HK customer service, I have asked 'if I buy from HK Global will I have to pay extra charges on delivery?' All I get is a bot directing me to FAQ, which may not be up to date. This is one of the advantages of buying local one can talk to a human being. My current thinking is customer service does not exist with HK. Obviously, I could buy a couple of rolls of film (that I don't need in colours I don't want), wait a couple of weeks and find out, possibly the hard way. As an aside I notice they are closing their Australian warehouse, EU warehouse next? Steve
  11. Considering that the £26.50 shipping and handling seems expensive I wonder if that includes VAT and handling fee pre-paid to the courier who will forward the VAT to HMRC. Steve
  12. Jeff, for me it's simply that HK do not say tax included, as others do, so tax and handling will be paid to the courier before or on delivery. Please give them a try and let us know what you find it won't be the end of the world just possibly cost you a few pounds more than you expected (£12/roll maybe). Steve
  13. I like the new RCM&E home page particularly the way the advertising banners re-size, just need to do the same on the forum. I am not sure about the Login which takes me to the forum, is it needed? On a more positive note, the ability to buy back issues using subscribe is good and the search works well. I am sure there are more improvements which I am yet to find. The biggest improvement of course is having you techies on the forum. Steve
  14. Jeff, I have done as you did. Which is £26.05 per roll before VAT is added £31.26 with VAT there could also be a handling fee, something like £12 or £6 a roll. Which makes it £37.26 a roll. I found this out when I bought four batteries from Global and amusingly UK had them back in stock while I waited for delivery and guess what they worked out more expensive. Never again will I buy from Global; the prices look good if like HK we ignore VAT. Steve
  15. I can, strange! works by select file and drag and drop. How are you doing it David? Steve
  16. The link formats are different New https://forums.modelflying.co.uk/uploads/monthly_2021_02/large.886948.jpg.319552fbd7b18c45d1ecb8908d5aa3f3.jpg Old https://forums.modelflying.co.uk/sites/3/images/member_albums/190014/888343.jpg On the old site images were held in members albums, with the switch over the albums were lost and all images were grouped together, I think. Steve
  17. Looks like we have lost all the old (pre-February 2021) image links. Steve
  18. I see that SLEC now have the full range of Balsa in stock. ? Steve
  19. Jeff I use a thin wire pushrod or a Z bend to give some flexibility sure either will distort which makes taxiing a challenge and in the worst case mean a walk for retrieval. FUD? Steve
  20. The Swizzle Stick will taxi, and I am sure Keith does as I do. However, wind will cause the model to weather cock completely defeating my attempts to taxi but that is not the end of my world as I can walk the short distance to place the model for take-off and hopefully the short distance for retrieval, then there are many helpful club mates that will retrieve for me if my landings are not close. The Falcon will probably be the same in that it will weather cock, but I guess that it's not a model for strong winds. Steve
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