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  1. Richard, I think this has been missed by the PSSA forum regulars. Have you finished the JP build ?
  2. A good link, thanks John. It hand launched very easy.
  3. A bit of flying from the 'Fly In' September 2019 Sat and Sun 7th - 8th. Peter Garsden's Camberra designed by Andy Blackburn. Sarik plan :- https://www.sarikhobbies.com/product/english-electric-canberra-b-2-t-4-43-3-plan-copy/ Enjoy the Video :- remember to like and Subscribe.
  4. Hi Peter, I've sent you a PM.

    1. Peter Garsden

      Peter Garsden

      Yes indeed, just catching up, thank you very much for the video, which I will put on the forum. I am just trying to work out how to access messages on this new fangled site. I saw it on my phone but haven't watched it yet.

    2. Mark Kettle 1

      Mark Kettle 1

      It's nice to hear from you Peter.

  5. I'm still checking Chris (1st time on new forum layout ), it's took me a while to find things etc.
  6. Andy, for stock availability I've just checked around the London area form B&Q and there's up to 90 packs of 6mm in stock. Also checked for 5mm here at 'Paper Gourmet' **LINK** Andy, I've purchased from the above supplier. I made this model from a 'one sheet pattern ' - of the 5mm foam board. Alpha Jet at 20 inch wing span.   Test flown in the garden prior to the side engine pods attached and radio gear installed for glider flying off the local slope.   Edited By Mark Kettle 1 on 18/01/2021 10:21:18
  7. Yes, Diall Polystyrene Insulation board Size's (L)0.8m (W)0.6m in thickness's of - 3mm - 6mm -9mm. The board plan dimensions in inches is 31 1/2 times 23 1/2, the 6mm pack, I think there is 8 sheets in the pack, it's best to check the stock in each store on line before you go down to pick it up, or order on line. B & Q stock it. **LINK** The foam works and models really well just like depron. I've purchased many packs in the sizes -3mm -6mm and the 9mm. I mainly glue it together with hot glue, however I've just purchased my first supply of UHU por. Current foam project. A neighbour had these blue wings, he lost the fuselage in a spiral dive many years ago, it was the Hitec Sky Scout version, I was more than happy to build him a fuselage in the current lockdown. Above an old advert from the pages of RCME (2003 ) for the original rudder elevator and motor control model. It's been test flown and he's purchased a new transmitter for his 8 year old son to hopefully fly it this spring. It happens his dad really enjoyed flying it again, so I set to to build him a fuselage and the wing I'm still working on.
  8. Many thanks to the YouTuber Joluqa Malta for this new video on YouTube. Features DH-108, Fairy Delta 2, Avro 707, AW-52 and other experimental jets. .....you may have to click on the word YouTube to watch.
  9. ....Hi Geoff, do you still work, or currently in 'stay at home' lock-down working or retired?
  10. Thanks David, sorry my mistake, yes February magazine out this January.
  11. Hi everyone : To watch the video - press or click on the underlined words - Watch on YouTube - .
  12. Above :- RC model of a Vans RV-4, Andy Blackburn's 1100 mm wing span model, it fly's on less than 350 watts for scale flight.   Andy Blackburn’s designed RC model plan of a Vans RV-4 is our treat in January’s magazine. In anticipation of the first pull-out Pro-Plan for 2021 from RCME - I’ve linked in a video of the Vans aircraft. It includes the history, development and the people involved with the company. A quote from the Vans web site: they call it the - “RV Grin” - for the full size flyers that is, also a rumour has it for those that have built their own aircraft the grin gets wider. For us modellers that enjoy scratch building, the same satisfaction is enjoyed when eventually we fly our completed RC model, I'm confident with Andy's design's and that his rendition of a Vans RV-4 will provide a very big grin !     Below a link to the Vans Aircraft web site - it has some brilliant photographs great for choosing a colour scheme. Vans Aircraft     Edited By Mark Kettle 1 on 07/01/2021 11:18:31
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