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  1. Great stuff guys, hope the sunburn is settling down now!
  2. Great work on the canopy! Nearly there.
  3. Great set of photos as always Phil, many thanks.
  4. A little bit of a tail-chase video we made on the Saturday. I was flying my DJI FPV drone, chasing Phil's DAM T33 on the slope.
  5. Soulless for me are mass-produced moulded gliders. Sure, they do a great job when you need them - maybe testing the lift out, a light wind day, or something to chuck ballast into and hare around with. A good "tool" to have, but no soul. Plus these days they all look so similar.
  6. At long last, and after some horrible luck with a flap servo wire that caught fire last year on an attempted maiden, she has at last felt air under her wings. Two great launches by a hardy crew of PSS'ers on the Orme yesterday in a fantastic 55mph SW blow into the big bowl. A great big pussycat to fly of course! Photo's by our fearless leader Phil Cooke as always.
  7. That's looking super Gary, great job! Looking forward to a flight report when you can (big SW this weekend btw!)
  8. Or if using Google Maps, click on layers and then click terrain.
  9. One of the interesting things on the Buzz is that the socket is dual-direction. The car can act as a storage battery for your house electrics. Definitely on my short list once our Mitsubishi PHEV has reached end of life.
  10. I'd be tempted to do this in "ABS-like" resin, which can be polished to a lovely finish on the inside face. Temp and chemical resistance both great.
  11. I see the X18's are just getting out to beta testers (I guess that's what they are?), should see some reviews soon. More than happy with my X20S, and don't think the smaller screen would be too great anyway. Looking at getting the X24 is (when!) it appears and retire the X20S to just powered aircraft flying.
  12. I really wish I'd brought along my Panther for some formation flying Dirk! Great work on the model - she looks brilliant in the air.
  13. Dave didn't fly the skyvan in the end, as he felt the wing was a bit too floppy without the proper engagement of his struts. I think he's going to let-in a spar and sort the struts, then she'll be good to go.
  14. Lovely pics as always chief, many thanks for putting the time in both taking them and editing them.
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