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  1. She looked the part Phil, great work. I'll try and get one of my Sea Hawks sorted for the next even so we can fly some formations 🙂
  2. Such a shame, never knew about the triple champ bit. Blue skies Chris.
  3. Can you post some pictures of the nose - one side elevation, one plan view? And then maybe some accurate measurements of width and height, then I can create the files quickly to the right size.
  4. I've still got my Dad's half-started Aerotech Welly in the container - she'll be PSS at some point Chris 😉
  5. It's possible to flash a 3rd party firmware onto the controller so it transmits at a higher power output, thus extending the range.
  6. Hi Jason, Thanks for the kind comment. I don't have any video of it myself - it's pretty rare actually that any video is taken at our meets.
  7. Hi Chris, sorry to hear of the trials and tribulations of the non-modelling life. I hope everything gets back on track soon with mobility and then the modelling. Take care. Andy
  8. A few still appear on the BMFA ads every now and then - people clearing out lofts I guess?
  9. That's good to hear Cuban - I've recently been voted in as Treasurer and member administrator at our club, and I'm slowly moving everything from cheques and a paper membership list (!!) to an online shared spreadsheet of members and a bank that has an app for scanning cheques if need be. I'm totally lost on the membership admin side of things (I'd heard about stickers and SAE's and all sorts of steam powered horror), so hearing that it's a simple online affair now is music to my ears!
  10. One other thing with your Z height - I seem to remember that the offset goes straight in to the settings but doesn't move the axis in case of collision. Check your readout on the printer - that should change once you applied your offset. If you then need to check zero, go to move axis and jog it down - the offset should have stuck.
  11. Do you include the bed level and "store" in your Gcode in the slicer software? That's where I tend to keep it, which means I don't have to click on it manually on the printer hardware - each print is preceded by a full bed level. I just pullled this from my Cura profile for my Ender 5 Plus; M420 S1 Z2 ;Enable ABL using saved Mesh and Fade Height
  12. Rich - just join the Lleyn MAC, we're not that far away. We've registered all the slopes through the BMFA too, and we're sorting a NOTAM for the flat field site to allow higher flying - great for when we start having aerotow meets next year.
  13. Hi Roger, I know you from many years of RCG I think 👋
  14. Still happens here in NW Wales. A Llandudno school teacher brings a big group lads and lasses up to the Great Orme quite regularly for flying sessions, they build their own aircraft in CDT lessons too I believe.
  15. Another lovely set of Phil's pictures from a fantastic last official meet of the season. https://www.flickr.com/photos/98511435@N05/albums/72177720312040799/with/53268299250/?fbclid=IwAR1mIEM6pRdDYVN6QLsnVKu4IXLqV5CpvCcP8c-dHj3vQeRTpxeWG2Vb5uA
  16. I had no idea there could be copies out there in all honesty, but I will be vigilant in the future.
  17. I've got about 40 Corona servos (usually always digital metal gear HV servos as I run everything on 2S LiFe) across a dozen or so airframes - they've all been faultless for years of flying. I'd recommend them for anything and everything.
  18. Crikey, those bags are something else. Would she be open to orders at all?
  19. Designer / builder with eyes nearly closed for scale 😁
  20. I've been tweaking the bomb bay door mechanism as mentioned. The doors act like roller shutters as per full size, with printed corrugated doors running in a curved channel that comes from the underside to the side of the aircraft. Printed gears transfer drive to the holes in the doors, and the gears will be driven by a servo with a GT2 timing belt, one per side. If (more like when) the doors become creased or damaged form slope landings, I'll be able to pull them out the top of the runners and replace with a fresh one for the next flight. I'll print half a dozen spares and see how we go from there. At some point I'll design and print the bomb carriers to fill up the 440mm long cavernous bay with ordnance to be dropped.
  21. A bit more progress on the Libby, she's getting there bit by bit but has been slowed down somewhat by the bomb-bay mechanism. Flaps are all attached, and the wings getting close to being ready to glass. In the pictures the 3D printed nacelles have been pushed on too, but I may re-print these as they are a bit heavy. At least they're in front of the CG I guess.
  22. Calm, warm and sunny?! I think we're out of those for the rest of the year! Over time, you'll fine you end up with loads of different hatch and cover templates in cardboard that can be use don future builds in all sorts of places. Panel lines on compound curves are a nightmare. Thick masking tape gently applied over your paint can work, as can one of those bendy graph rulers that you may have used at school. They are sort of rubberised with a soft lead core inside that lets them stay in the shape you've formed - you can get them from WHSmiths or Amazon.
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