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  1. Next smaller challenge will be the firewall at it must bent at the top in order to follow the windshield line
  2. This bulkhead is one of the biggest challenges in this airplane, the other challenge will be the working wing slat/flap combo. at first I was planing to build it at 1/4 which means 150 inches span, but is too big and cumbersome to move around, 23% (130 inches) is a nice size, I’ll try to keep it under 25 kg
  3. I finally built the master Fuselage bulkhead, this will have to carry the main wing wingspan struts, main landing gear attachments and
  4. I wish to delete this thread on this twin and focus in the pioneer, Moderator, help please. Thanks!
  5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, why build the same traditional aircraft?
  6. I see your point. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Actuallly a smaller version was built and believe me, flies really well, the engine configuration helps to prevent snapping if an engine is lost
  7. I guess this is a wrong subject for this forum.
  8. The evangel 4500 was a STOL utility transport used by humanitarian in remote villages. What attracts me is it’s simplicity, the enormous wing area with huge tail and long engine nacelles.
  9. Span is to be 122 inches powered by two 40cc petrol engines..
  10. While waiting for some further details and materials on my Scottish Pioneer, I would like to share some of this project I have been working on
  11. I found this valuable piece of information for the landing gear attachments points, this is the pioneer prototype drawing
  12. Challenging steps coming ahead, especially with landing gear attachments, remember, every part is being created from scratch as in my case I don’t use RC modelling techniques. the idea is to use chino molybdenum tubing for the gear attached to fuselage with bolts. Same full size aircraft techniques are being used
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