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  1. Hi Toto Well that all sounded very encouraging. Sounds like a nice place, wish we had a club hut ah well cant have everthing so heres to you haveing more air time. regards. Tony S
  2. Hi Toto I have been reading all your threads and have enjoyed doing so. I shall follow this one with much interest and am sure you will do a splendid job. Good luck with the stick time and keep at it, as said by others it is a great hobby. Regards Tony J
  3. I too mostly stand behind the model, but have begun to do a few take offs from the piolts box recently, though not for any reason than thought i would give it a go .
  4. Thank you both Andy and Jonathan much appriciated.Those picutures you put up thankyou so much for that will help a lot. This really is a great bunch of people on here ?
  5. Hi all Can anyone please point me in the right direction , I want to know how to go about building a wing when the bottom of the ribs are not flat .if any one can suggest a build that would be worth looking at or a brief discription i would be most grateful many thanks in advance Tony J
  6. Hi all Happy new year to you. Over the christmas period i have been recovering a model that was long over due to be recovered, but it got me thinking as to what people are now using instead of the solar trim. I know that solar film alternatives are out there but are there any trim alterantives. I am also aware that there is still solar trim available but its choice is limited in colours so what do you use ? Kind regards Tony J
  7. Hi Tony H I too prefer IC over electric and agree with some of what you say though I think price increases are just a sign of the times at the moment ,all things seem to be on a upward trend. I worry that the noise issue maybe the eventual end of IC over electric but hopefully not for some time yet. I do love the sound of 4 strokes(but only have two in my small collection of planes), 3 two strokes and one electric .Will soon be adding another 2 stroke to my collection. Kind Regards Tony J
  8. Down the patch on a summers evening everything just so, then you do that (rare in my case) Perfect landing Kind Regards Tony S
  9. Yes please, and a Merry Christmas to all Kind regards Tony J
  10. Hi Nigel Second paragraph I bought an adaptor that allowed you to fit the socket from a three wire switch into it so it effectively became a charge socket on the air frame but as i said never got on with it . Cheers Tony J
  11. Hi all I was wondering if many people use these switches that have the inbuilt charge socket and if you find them useful . I was thinking of fitting one because i do like to test my battery before a flight (that just me ). I did fit one of those sockets on its own but could not get on with it kept pushing the plug back out must have done something wrong when i set it up anyway that's long since gone with the airframe kind regards Tony J
  12. HI Thank you for your comments both You have a good point there Cuban 8 about reinforcing the under cart section. I will look at that. Richard when you say you put it next to the tank did you mean at the side of the tank in the same section because that is about where I reckon I need it to get balance . Many thanks Tony J
  13. Hi all Hopefully a nice simple one. I have just completed an acro wot artf IC version plane . I need to fit the rx battery I am wondering where others have positioned their battery in this model . Many thanks. Tony J
  14. Hi to all Placed an order with RC world yesterday got an e.mail today to say it has been dispatched stay well all Tony J
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