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  1. Hi Steve,I’ve found the ov10 bronco plan and was wondering if you wanted a copy?could you PM me if you wanted to proceed.cheers
  2. Hi Steve,Thank you for your kind remarks. I do have a plan for the Bronco but unfortunately when I built it I didn’t add any wood sizes or thickness,as I never thought anyone else would want to build one! I wouldn’t have thought that my plan would be anywhere near the standard that rcm&e would require.It would take me quite a while to put all the added detail on so that anyone could build it or could just wing it with the drawing as is.
  3. Just as an add on,my Osprey was pre Sailplanes International plan and kit.
  4. Another two for one project.My O/D OV10 Bronco 60in span that I designed for pss and electric that I’ve repaired after an oops!All the wiring is installed so all I have to do is spend half an hour inserting motors and props and then down to the field for a flight.All built up construction and plaster plug made,then sent away for vac forming.Controls are ailerons,flaps,rudders,elevator and throttles when needed.Does anyone else use an airframe for power and slope so they can get more bang for their bucks? I always try to design my scale airframes to do this,saves building two aircraft!Even build two wings for twins or multi engine and one fuz.
  5. I have finally finished and test flown my 1970s Osprey 100in glider. I’ve had the wings built for 45 years and in the loft so finally decided to build the rest of it! I built a home made power pod so it can thermal from flat field or take the pod off and slope soar it,very relaxing in light winds!Only 2 channel,rudder and elevator. The only downside is I had a stroke last year which resulted in partial blindness so I can only fly when I have someone to spot for me and take over if I lose it!
  6. Hi Nigel, I don’t know how much space you have but I have used a Clarke 16in scroll saw for many many years.Brilliant piece of kit and very versatile for 99% of most modelling jobs.Reasonable price too.
  7. Kilner jar is just for the bulb so I don’t get my mucky paws on it and will be left slightly ajar when the bulb is lit.Lipo is kept separate but on a metal baking tray when in the garden away from any flammable material such as the garden fence!
  8. After reading all the advice and comments,this is the setup I’ve finally gone with.Just have to try it out in the garden first when it stops raining and the forecast is for a full dry day!
  9. On reflection of all the various advice and thoughts given, I think I am going to go down the road of discharging with a headlight bulb and disposing safely at the local recycling tip.don’t want to be responsible for any lithium fires! I have seen the videos for batteries catching fire in aircraft at flying fields!Just as an aside, I wonder how spent lithium batteries are going to be dealt with in electric vehicles when they come to the end of their lives?
  10. Hi Pat, I was thinking about Bebside for their disposal.Would they take old receiver Nimhs as well?
  11. Many thanks everyone, I hadn’t thought of any of the suggestions made.All I’ve got to do now is find a headlight bulb.
  12. I have a few old lipos that have puffed up and not holding charge.What is the safest way of disposing of them?recycle bin or are there any specialist disposal places to take them to?Anybody got any tips?Dont want to cause any chemical fires at a recycling plant!
  13. My last two Lancasters were covered with brown parcel paper applied onto the veneer with slightly watered down Pva .Then a thin coating to the paper and slowly laid onto the airframe,gently pressing out any air bubbles.Very strong when dry and any overlaps can be lightly sanded. The paint was applied thinly for the first coat and then thicker for the second and third coats. I found it was a good cheap way for covering large models.
  14. Many thanks Eric,that would be a great idea.Quick to make and I still have some sheets of obeche left over from a few years ago,been hoarding it!
  15. Hi Eric, wasn’t sure if your P38 and Stuka had foam and obeche wing panels and if washout was already built in.On any model I have built in the past I’ve always when hot wiring the core,added a degree or two of washout. I think it may have helped with the flying characteristics.My last incarnation being a A37 Dragonfly. It flies pretty well. Will have to check carefully if the Fw190 has any washout built in.
  16. Hi Graham, I will be following your build with great interest,have a fw190 to build in the near future.
  17. When I get round to building it, wonder if carving washout into the ailerons would help with the tip stall?
  18. Just an off the wall thought,maybe there’s a very slim to none existent chance that that this thread has provoked a tad of interest in Aerotech kits?not my original intention!
  19. Hi Leccy,had a good look at Smc site and could only find a P47 profile kit for sale,quite expensive for a profile kit?but still an interesting project for someone.As Eric says,they do fly well.
  20. All that needs now is a seal of approval!
  21. You never know what would happen to the flight characteristics if all the weight of the u/c was taken away?could be interesting,possibly use a dolly instead?
  22. It looks intriguing and looks great in the air,such a shame that after so much effort, was a disappointment in the air.If the flight characteristics could eventually be sorted,would it be possible to fly it off water?
  23. Just an off the wall idea,something like a Veron big Impala,Flair Heron or Sorcerer if you can get them.All flew well and very easy to build and fly. May be worth looking on fleebay or forums.
  24. It’s a brilliant looking Stuka and the Mossie looks like a lot of fun too. Bulldog is tremendous and really well finished. I used to have a P38 Lightning finished in solafilm chrome,loved flying it until it got nicked.Eric, I know you have a superb Sunderland,ever thought about a Walrus or anyone else doing one?Just a crazy thought.
  25. Glad I’ve got the full fat version! I didn’t realise that aero tech produced so many different types of models.There must be loads still out there in shed’s and lofts maybe forgotten or unbuilt.Andy,you should try and finish the wellie so we could fly both yours and mine together!Would be an interesting sight to see.Some interesting non warbirds in the catalog,anybody got one?
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