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  1. I went flying yesterday and asked about waiting lists. This is not the case at my club they do have a very long wait list which could be years. The normal process is to send out application forms and club rules but now the list is so long this is not being done. Just to give you some idea, the Secretary gets two or three enquiries a week. I do consider myself lucky in that I live within three miles of the field and there was no waiting list four years ago. Steve
  2. I did take offence because to me this is serious and flippant remarks to me are misinformation. It came about from the first post talking about wipers IMO and as I obviously know very little and want to learn I do find the 'in jokes' annoying as I do not understand them and assume the intention is to show up my ignorance. Please understand I am talking about spending £3000 on a model so it would be appreciated if everyone was serious and gave helpful advice, in other words will the jokers please go elsewhere. Can we now move on and stop talking about string? Steve
  3. Have you made any progress? Would it help if I opened up my Sarik parcel and made a wood list? Steve
  4. Are you sure that's a wiper if so how does it work as I see no mechanism to make it wipe.
  5. I know you are trying to be helpful, but I don't believe that the full size has windscreen wipers and am absolutely certain the scale models don't. I explained earlier that I am only interested in RTF which rules out Flyfly no matter what the French forums say. Steve
  6. One good thing about the adverts between posts is that they scale to fit the page and presumably device, @dhendleyjust need to do the same for the top and bottom adverts please. Steve
  7. This happened to me. I was walking past a club and noticed people setting up, so I asked who I needed to talk to about joining. I was directed to a committee member whose response was that 'it's a member only meeting, and I could not fly' at which he turned away and started talking to someone else. Not a very good start and not very welcoming. I went back to the first person who seemed very proud of the fact the club had a four-year waiting list. And they wonder why people walk away and take up fishing, golf, sailing,,,,, Steve
  8. Having read the description that, the model flies like the full size I have kept a look out for any approaching my house. With more use of flightradar24 I have come to the conclusion that having a motor does not automatically their track will be plotted. I found a Grob motor glider that did not leave a track, D-KOOL has two entries one as Glider and the other as ASW (Glider no track ASW with track). I am now thinking it's the pilot's choice as to how they are displayed. G-XELL has a call sign 405905 and leaves a track. Tuesday a glider took off from Pocklington and flew down the Trent valley, I forget the call sign it was something like D-CLKQ, on its way back it climbed in a thermal and within visual range. Tight circles and steeply banked with a good rate of climb. This is contrary to the advice I have been given on here of rudder turns keeping the wings as level as possible. Wednesday went out with the MPX Heron and tried to copy D-CLKQ by adding down trim to increase the speed and once in rising air making banked tight turns, much to my amazement it kept rising. More for me to think about now. I must have been doing a good job as a pair of Buzzards joined me, but they did not follow my example as they kept their wings flat as they circled beneath me. All added up to a good day, there were lots of good mates as it was training day at WMFC. Steve
  9. I'm in North Lincolnshire and my Club is Winterton Model Flying Club. I am in a similar situation to @eflightrayand have already helped newbies with equipment that I gave them, just to encourage them to fly. Steve
  10. AFAIK all modern chargers cut off when charged which makes the display more of a convenience than a necessity. A charger with a display will not be a problem for Robert's partner if the batteries are always charge for a minimum of five hours, overnight for example, which will make sure they are fully charged, and the charging will have cut off. With modern delta peak detecting chargers there are no problems caused by leaving the charger plugged in and switched on. Steve
  11. It is from Sarik because we are paying for a service that needs people and machinery. Obviously it costs less when cutting the parts oneself but I chose to pay for the service. I have a second one in the queue of builds the idea being to make a better job on the second one. Price up the wood needed, from SLEC say, then you will be able to decide if the cost difference is worth it. Steve
  12. Hi Robert, Energizer Intelligent Charger and 4off AA 2000mAh NiMH rechargable batteries £24.99 (4-max.co.uk) This has a display but does stop charging when full, delta peak detection. I would put batteries on charge overnight knowing that they will be charged in the morning. George at 4-Max will confirm if you have any doubts. Steve
  13. Hi Nigel, I bought the plan, cut parts and additional wood pack from Sarik. Steve
  14. Within the EU Tax is added, there is no loophole and VAT is not being ignored. The difference is that within the EU HK collect the VAT and pay it directly to the EU whereas for us in the UK the couriers would collect the VAT for HMRC. Why this is a problem for HK EU warehouse is a mystery because that is how the VAT is collected for the rest of the world and is the way it has always been done. The HK Australian warehouse is closing which makes me wonder how long before the EU warehouse closes. Being forced to include VAT must have hit their turnover, a 20% price increase in effect. HK appears to be incapable of doing what Aliexpress and others have done, apparently seamlessly, in my mind there has to be a reason for HK not doing the same. Could be that HK's business model doesn't have a long-term future? Who knows who cares if they will not be around for much longer? Steve
  15. What we fly and where we fly is our choice. Stick time is the key, for some multiple short flights are better than a few long flights, my concentration span could be as little as four minutes beyond which I stopped learning and accuracy dropped off. Fly every day and have fun. Steve
  16. From July RCM&E At least one built and flown. Steve
  17. It's hard to stay cheerful some days but words of encouragement I get on here do have a positive effect. My builds are slowing down so I wanted RTF and am willing to pay for it to be built, that way I will have a model quicker and without any of the bodge ups that seem to be becoming more frequent recently. I know the bodge ups don't matter as they all fly without issue then there is no way that I could build the ASW 28 scratch anyway. Steve
  18. My conclusion was based on the observation that the gliders with motors, self-launching, displayed their track as do all other powered craft. I am aware that some do not display at all as I have seen them flying over my house but not on the screen, Red Arrows for example. With regard to D-KOOL and all the other cross-country long-distance speedsters leaving the track, this made me realise how far they travel in a day. Why they leave the track maybe different to my conclusion of it being motor dependent, but I have decided not to lose anymore sleep over it. Realising that some gliders are built for speed made me wonder about what I had bought with the ASW 28. I think the full size will average something like 60 mph and slowing down is not an option as they have to fly fast to maintain the lift, obviously the model will be the same. I think I have lots to learn and consequently there is lots of fun to come. Steve
  19. OK Nick The first leaves a track of where it has been and the second doesn't. Why is the question. Steve
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