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  1. Glad you are enjoying the 700.
  2. A thank you wouldn't come amiss would it?
  3. Has this now been sorted out? Is the heli flying?
  4. I have just seen this thread and you may well have reached a conclusion by now but here is my two penn'orth. I haven't flown a 550 but I have a 450, a 600 and a 700, all Align. I am not an aerobatic flyer and only fly upright manoeuvres, usually slowly. (I am currently practicing the B test moves but I doubt whether I will take it.) The 700 is much more stable and easy to control. It handles wind better because it has a higher power to weight ratio. It has greater visibility in the air. I much prefer flying it. I recommend not as the ideal machine for a plodder like me but also if you do 3D aerobatics etc. If you have seen Duncan Osborn fly his you will know what I mean. It could be argued that there are now (slightly) better 3D machines available now but they are very expensive. If you ask me to choose between a 550 and a 700, for me the 700 wins hands down.
  5. That looks very interesting. The paper doesn't seem to go into too much detail about the cost of generating the electricity. It seems that the paste, once used, is thrown away? Is there a waste product? A lipo, of course can be recharged. Would we be buying litres of paste (as we used to buy nitro). Will the weight of the system (in the aeroplane, helicopter etc.) negate some of the power advantages?
  6. Well done Dave for coming back to the forum. I can imagine that life must have been quite "interesting" for you in the intervening years. Best of luck with any future projects.
  7. Looks good on Google Earth. Does my former friend John Sharpe fly at your club? He is probably getting a bit long in the tooth for the full size planes. He was doing aerotows for the gliding club when I last spoke to him.
  8. I have an oil filled electric radiator too. It is thermostatically controlled and on castors so it is just right for me.
  9. This looks like a very interesting project. I would love to know whether it has been finished. Does this forum send an e mail to its authors when a new reply has been posted. If so it may jolt Dave into telling us the latest state of play. I am thinking of building one myself but I haven't got three years to spare!@import url(http://www.modelflying.co.uk/CuteEditor_Files/Style/SyntaxHighlighter.css);@import url(/CuteEditor_Files/public_forums.css);
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