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  1. Actually got out to the field to fly for the first time in 18 months ( amaiden of a new glider) and the wind was swirling all over the shop so had a chat to two other committee members and then came home. John
  2. Same for me minus 10 points 109 not 119. John
  3. Thank you brokenglish John
  4. Thank you Robin. I hadn't noticed the fins on the Glow motor. I did think the diesel head was a replacement as it is much cleaner than the rest of the motor. Not sure if the owner was also a model engineer like the seller and made up some bits himself. John
  5. On Friday I ordered some 2900mah 4s lipos which arrived yesterday. I didn't think anything of it until I went to charge the for flying in the next few days, when I found 2 were 4s and one was 3s. All were 2900mah. I phoned the shop this afternoon and it was all sorted very quickly including fitting an XT60 plug onto to the replacement battery. First class service from Adam and Sussex Model Centre. John
  6. I have recently bought a couple of older motors form Ebay. The seller is selling a deceased modellers equipment and has a few motors he cannot ID. He is not an aeromodeller but is into engineering and live steam railways so need a bit of help. Any thoughts on the attached photos please. John
  7. I don't tthink there is a legal responsibility as we are all there voluntarily under a club umbrella. We have a signing in book everyone,flying or not has to sign, as a safety check. We have a first aid kit that is checkd regularly. We don't have first aiders as such but we have had a first aid refresher by the St. John's Ambulance at our club nights for the last three years, which have been well attended, and one member actually saved the life of another member when he had an heart attack and remembered what to do (away from the field). So we have nothing formal but it works. We also have a defirilator. John
  8. I haven't checked today, but were there any late penalties? The fantasygp website said I had 186 points yesterday but in our chart I only have 156. John
  9. Thanks Robin. That was an interesting read. So JD8 and jeff2wings were both correct in a way. John
  10. Please accept my apologies Jeff2 wings. I've googled it and it does exist. His motor has what looks like a homemade fuel inlet and air intake tube but other than that kit looks the same. John
  11. Sorry for delay in replying but been at a funeral all afternoon and justngot bacK. Thanks for the suggestions. Not heard of the Dyno. Heard of Oliver, not Battle axe. No offence Jeff2 wings but are you serious? very rare. The chap selling these motors is selling for someone else and knows little of aeromodelling as he is into model engineering - steam locos.
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