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  1. Radio today said Alonso to replace Vettle next year
  2. I think I will be Vettel MK11 and retire at the end of the season. John
  3. Another week of predictions dowmn the pan. Lookout at the bottom I'm on my way. John
  4. Well don Iqon, Chris and Tony. Got pole right and winner right everything else went downhill fast. John
  5. Thanks I will look into that. Any comments on the CG? John
  6. Another great loss to the aeromodelling world. I learned yesterday that the wife of a fellow modeller had died on Monday and then this morning one of the best bosses a worker could have passed a way today so feeling a bit down now RIP Alex
  7. I am relatively new to gliding having been flying a Radian motor glider for a few years. It virtually flies itself. I have now "upgraded" to an FMS FOX V2. It is taking a bit of sorting but slowly getting there. I have a query with the COG as per the instruction sheet. Each wing panel is 1235 mm long, 235mm at the root and 95mm at the tip. The leading edge is straight so the taper is all on the trailing edge. The suggested balance point is 40 mm behind the leading edge at the root which to me looks too far forward. Anty suggestions please as to whether the cog is correct. John
  8. Well done Iqon, Pete and Chris. After a good start to the season (for me) using my "judgement", for the last three races I have listened to to so called experts in the papers and on line with my predictions, and started the slide downwards so next time out I'm back to my unscientific predictions and hopefully claw my way back up a few places. John
  9. And welcome back from West Sussex. John
  10. Thanks Denis. I'll have a second look over the weekend, going to Wings and Weald tomorrow. Alan, That is what I have a board approx 50* 20 mm with the adjacent switch on it as well then a feed to a slider on the side of the Tx. Probably as Denis says not too difficult but I have not done one before. John
  11. thanks for the replies I will get in touch with Mike. john
  12. Kim, Off subject of PC but I have severe hearing loss in one ear and no hearing in the other but I only paid a four figure number £2000 privately. Boots were a bit more expensive but their aids start at £350 depending on amount of hearing loss. For your estimate I would expect to have full remote control and adjustment via an app on your mobile phone and a pair of aids. My Phonak aid has manual volume adjust, a three position switch for normal, noisy and telecoil for using hearing aid compatible phones. Not sure where on the south coast you are but I am in Horsham West Sussex. Now back to original topic. John
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