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  1. Could be a George Formby impersonator rather than a fisherman
  2. The original gangster 63 was great on an os 61 rf pumper its vertical performance was off the scale .If I did one today I would go for an os 91 surpass. I did modify the model to a tail dragger to accommodate the tuned pipe for the rf pumper
  3. Talk to or email 4max. George is good at this stuff .He needs to know weight span and ground clearance to be accurate
  4. Model fixings have a good stock of m2 screws search fixings on the main page then fixings again on the second page
  5. This Sunday 12 th Horam village hall (East Sussex)
  6. Hi Richard put me down for a tempest please
  7. Hi Richard Will the tempest be a mk2 or5 please
  8. I nag all my students to level the wings ,so they hopefully do that before anything else when in trouble .If the wings are level the model can be recovered safely
  9. Cracking job it looked like a black bag job at the start .My dad used to fix them during the war .He was rather rude about the main spar which he had to re glue often .
  10. Can’t see the rx properly but have you left the bind plug in ?
  11. Sorry the post went a bit quick He was very helpful when I did an upgrade .I’m technophobic and he guided me through the process
  12. I use Zed jets for my stuff Jeff is very helpful
  13. I have the carbon version and love it .Not the cheapest but rock solid up to now .Harry Curzen has a YouTube channel devoted to how to use Jeti which is great
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