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  1. I have flown flair tiger moths on laser 150s and 180s the 180 was defiantly better
  2. I have a Tony Ninjus gnat ,the larger one .I had similar problems getting it airborne .I bought a hobby king catapult .I get a mate to hold the fin ,give it full beans then activate the catapult ,this works great .I have had many successful flights doing this
  3. The carb spray bar should ideally be level with the tank centre line but I have found that somewhere within the tank is ok .I had a DB 1/4 pup with a laser 200 v twin .The tank was way above the carb but the engine ran fine if I didn’t fly inverted
  4. Same for me I won’t get started on mine till next autumn now
  5. Carbon tet was used as dry cleaning fluid too .All chlorinated hydrocarbons are toxic
  6. Have you tried setting the tx to pcm ?
  7. Talk to George at 4 max he is clued up It’s also worth looking on. the recomended set up section on the same web page
  8. JR tx charging sockets are negative centre post, which is the reverse of normal, connect a normal charger and its a problem .There is probably a fuse as mentioned before .Have a look in the battery compartment , if its not there take the back off
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