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  1. I have flown flair tiger moths on laser 150s and 180s the 180 was defiantly better
  2. I have a Tony Ninjus gnat ,the larger one .I had similar problems getting it airborne .I bought a hobby king catapult .I get a mate to hold the fin ,give it full beans then activate the catapult ,this works great .I have had many successful flights doing this
  3. The carb spray bar should ideally be level with the tank centre line but I have found that somewhere within the tank is ok .I had a DB 1/4 pup with a laser 200 v twin .The tank was way above the carb but the engine ran fine if I didn’t fly inverted
  4. Same for me I won’t get started on mine till next autumn now
  5. Carbon tet was used as dry cleaning fluid too .All chlorinated hydrocarbons are toxic
  6. Have you tried setting the tx to pcm ?
  7. Talk to George at 4 max he is clued up It’s also worth looking on. the recomended set up section on the same web page
  8. JR tx charging sockets are negative centre post, which is the reverse of normal, connect a normal charger and its a problem .There is probably a fuse as mentioned before .Have a look in the battery compartment , if its not there take the back off
  9. Poly c is water based polyurethane floor varnish, so its not fuel proof .I second Jon 2 pack is the way to go but use a chemical proof face mask .These are usually available from auto paint suppliers .
  10. Very nice work looking good . Will we see the new one at Hastings later in the year?
  11. I have found the ones from 4 max very good .
  12. Bill Manley of Bill kits makes nice foam wings, saves ages when building aerobatic models and perform well.He needs tip and root sections and a plan view
  13. The 30% Toni Clark Tiger I used to own flew just right on a Zenoah 38 turning a 22 x 6 prop
  14. Take a sharp Stanley knife, put the tube on the bench ,then put the blade on the tube at 90 degrees to the tube ,then roll the tube back and forward using the knife to power the roll .It takes practice to keep the blade on the right place
  15. My choice for a follow on is the acrowot .Its easy to fly and especially easy to land and will do aerobatics well
  16. I sold Bert the tiger because my knackered back wouldn’t cope with big models any more .I flew it for years on a zenoah 38 and it was great .The prop was scale size (22 6 ) It flew scale like in most conditions .It was a bit tricky in a force 5 wind though .
  17. You can use an old fridge compressor (backwards) for vac bagging as well .The Edward’s pump would be a bit powerful
  18. Sounds like the esc is cream krackered try another one
  19. Could be a George Formby impersonator rather than a fisherman
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