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  1. Try just double clicking on the tracking number rather than copying in to their tracking system, works for me.
  2. Its arrived. Postie just been with big box. Luckily Mrs. TR7V8 is at work so can be secreted to the garage quickly! Away for the weekend so further investigation will have to wait. Thanks Richard!
  3. Just been recommissioning a couple of old models & a few new ones bought recently. One of my own design is looking tatty. But thinking back it dates to around 1990. So 34-35 years old. It came as a shock because I still tend to think of the 70's being 30 years ago rather than the 50+ they actually are.
  4. Form & gregory in the post today Richard. Lowers & polishes halo!
  5. Richard just got back from a holiday so a mountain of post to open. Your order form was one. So will get the cheque sorted in the next day or so.
  6. A 10 or 11" prop would be ideal. It needs to be quite weighty as it'll need some flywheel effect. The one I had was fitted with a home made wooden prop. It ran pretty well, dead easy to start.
  7. First of the Few was silver all over with a two bladed prop. Read his build book its very good. https://www.spitfireaircraftworkshop.com/about-us/clive-du-cros-s-spitfire
  8. Can be a sign that the plug is past its best, they go white & crystalline long before they fail. You'll need a jewellers loupe to check though. Also sometimes worth playing with heat ranges as well.
  9. Quite happy to be second tranche. Too much going on at the mo!
  10. Did Primrose valley one year, had assistance & some training from the Ghost Squadron guys, John & one of the others. Did Brean Sands one year and flew off the beach. With Primrose we had our touring caravan there, but at Brean Sands we used a chalet which was really grim, dirty, poorly maintained you name it. Side story is on the way back from Brean we saved a guys life. We had a big box trailer on my Granada Estate to give more room. We're ambling along in lane 1 of the M4. Suddenly I spot a guy collapsed by an emergency phone. The phone was out of order, so we phoned 999 on my shiny new mobile. Put a coat over the guy as he was very poorly. Paramedics & plod were there pretty quick. It turned out he was diabetic & felt a hypo starting, so stopped near an emergency phone & then collapsed . The phone was out of order. His body temp was very low, it was getting dark, I reckon he'd have been toast if we hadn't seen him. It was only because we were doing 45-50MPH that I spotted him. Any faster I wouldn't have seen him.
  11. Years ago I used to cut my own cores. For smaller stuff used brown paper & paper based (not mylar) gift wrapping paper. The latter is what Mick Reeves used on his Disco. Water based PVA worked well & overlaps can be sanded to feather. On small (36") span bare foam cores it works well. I used tissue soaked in PVA as wing joiners for these as well.
  12. Yup thanks for that Gary. All I have to do is get it kitted out & ready to fly.
  13. OK does anyone have any idea what this is? Bought 3rd hand, sticker on the front is from Cobham Model Aircraft Club. Its around 60 inch span for a 40-46 Wood inside has long part numbers on, looks laser cut.
  14. That's 180G an hour or 817L per hour, that must be at full chat, I have a flight test on a Corsair & that's 350L per hour. Avgas is currently £1.85 a litre in the UK so that gives you an idea of running costs. Another major cost is insurance with Spits currently paying in excess of £300,000 for a year.
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