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Another Reichard Champion

Pete B

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That looks really neat, Frank - there's something about a built-up wing, transparent covering and sunshine, isn't there? You're right about foamies, too - most really can't compete size for size. I'm thinking my Phoenix 2000 is just a memory now...wink 2

Excellent idea about the prop ticking over, too - a lot of drag with 14" windmilling.....

Thanks, Pat - I really hate adding unnecessary weight in the build so spend a fair bit of time pondering the installation before I get the epoxy out. With the 60A ESC there was space for a flow of air over it - now I've fitted a 40A there's even more. I've got a sensor on the ESC heatsink and the temperature during the 30 second runs this evening only rose 15-20F, dropping back quickly each time, so no issues there.

I've used a 3s 4000 pack and no additional weight has been needed in the nose. I'm moving the pack back bit by bit and I'm thinking a 3000 pack, well forward might be achievable without extra ballast - that will reduce the AUW, currently c.1850g, even more..

I'm still not really happy with the elevator - that small amount left is annoying me! I did see that someone had mounted a servo in the tail somewhere but I didn't fancy committing butchery until I needed to. The fin's only 11mm thick externally so it won't be easy.

The glide is remarkably flat - I managed about 3 generous circuits between 150 and 100ft this evening before committing for a landing but need to dial in a bit more spoileron to increase the rate of descent. The ailerons aren't particularly effective and rudder is needed for a decent turn, so there's some more fettling to come.

I'm also having some issues with the telemetry downlink from the TM1000 at present - the Tx is losing the signal intermittently once I'm more than couple of hundred feet or so up. I'll be moving that aerial outside the fus, too, I think. I'm surprised that the strip of carbon each side is having that sort of effect, TBH.

Just a couple of low-res screengrabs from the Mobius to finish off:

capture 1.jpg

capture 3.jpg


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Your description of how it was in the early days of 100s and then the comparison with Peters model and the Big Swift, does bring into context how things have really changed.

Although I have never seen a Reichard model at all, it appears just as with the Big Swift, models such as Ava and Bubble Dancer (only seen the one) how the quality of build has improved almost immeasurably. In the case of the Ava and Bubble Dancer, with incredibly precisely cut ribs, CF capped ribs and in one case a CF/Depron "D" box. With plan profiles which I would have avoided due to the complexity. All I can say is incredible, especially at the price, particularly the big swift which from memory was about £95 (could not find one once I had decided to buy one).

Which made then think, why did I not think of reflexed tips on my Algebra, or build it with crow brakes. I guess it was because my incredibly expensive Futaba Gold, did not having near the capability of even many of the budget Txs have today.

Then again I have always been big on copying, that is pinching others ideas, less good at being the first.

I really do look forward to Peters account of setting up the model, on the the "how much flying thread", the learning process and through to epic flights. I will probably be very envious, thinking about the warm sunny days of southern France, as the thermals build from early morning, heating fields, roads.then the final big evening thermal, signalling the end of the fun. Owe my God, I am envious already, almost enough to go back to guiding.

Do you have Storks or other themalling birds down there, what are the signs that you look for, Peter?

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I have noticed that all the glass carbon models at the club (the one I never go to now) have the aerials sticking outside, like a pair of whiskers. I was told it was because the screening effect from the CF, Apparently putting the Rx in the wing has been tried, with similar reception issues.

The suggestion of the elevator and rudder servos in the tail, does remind me that much to my surprise, that either the Ava or Bubble Dancer, has the two incredibly small and i assume light sevos in the tale area. The surprise is the long tail moment and the moment arm effect of the weight.

I am not sure, but i seem to to remember that the Big swift has two servos in the tail on the rudervators, or it is a similar model done the same way, could be a Tracker (100s). Until Patmac mentioned rule changes, it had not registered with me, it had ailerons and flaps etc.

Is the model almost staying up indefinity, or are you limiting yourself to a 200m launch, using a cur off or a guess?


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Posted by Andy Butler on 30/06/2014 16:00:01:

I had the same issue with the actuation of the elevator and ended up fitting a ball link as there was a little sideways movement which seems to be working well.

Hi Andy,

I think that will be my first step to finally resolving this - I just need to look a bit deeper in the bits box. Still trimming and shifting at present but it's been a revelation in calm air. Viewing the Mobius footage, it is very smooth and stable in the air - an excellent platform for the cam.

The Gliderdrive has proved to be up to the job, too - it too is quiet and any lack of finesse is certainly not noticeable in the air.

Zilch lift about last evening, so it was series of ups and downs. Red line is the ESC temp, blue is height and purple vario. The apparent vertical climbs are where telemetry data was lost - although the aerial is beneath the rear of the wing it seems worse during the motor run. Although the vario scale isn't there, it looks as if the climb rate is about 35ft/sec, which translates to about 23mph - quite respectable and fine for my needs!

champ 300614.jpg

"I will probably be very envious, thinking about the warm sunny days of southern France, as the thermals build from early morning, heating fields, roads.then the final big evening thermal, signalling the end of the fun."

Oh Erf, I do enjoy your lyrical waxings.... teeth 2 The reality is a just a tad different, although we do get days as you describe. More often it's a choppy warm breeze, swirling around the ridges and dips, tearing up thermals as soon as they form, leaving some very lumpy bits that are quite hard to centre and follow. All the while, you're blinking away the sweat or slapping at those tiny biting flies which insist on feeding on your calves - and when one of those green-eyed horse flies wants a feed you get VERY distracted...smile o

No storks here but plenty of buzzards who laugh out loud at my puny efforts to follow them...smile

Cut-off or guess for launch height? - how very 20th century!teeth 2 I push the trainer button on the DX9 and Romford Rosie tells me the altitude - at least she does when the telemetry is working reliably. I'll normally climb to between 400 and 600ft and then cast around in some likely areas, depending on wind direction. Launching into lift is by no means certain so when it happens I tend to take advantage of it.

Right, back to fettling....


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Once again technology marches on, setting a new set of norms. All the aspects I dreamt of, seems to have become available.

I am disappointed that my vision of glass of wine by side, and a model soaring above is just a pipe dream. Even when a reality is possible, it often is just to boring, then you decide to make things more difficult, just to keep the interest up. In some ways I can take some shaden fruede from the reality, in that after retirement we actively started to consider moving to France, before our self imposed family responsibilities took precedence.

With respect to the wind issue, I do remember camping in France in my youth, being told of the Mistral, and the damage it could do, and my response of constructing earth works to mitigate the threat. Later thinking, perhaps a tad over reactive.Allthough I do remember the mayhem when caught in a storm in the Geoges Du Tarn.

It is perhaps better not having the settled weather that i associate with flat lands i associate with the approach to the massive central. It takes out the predictability out gliding, which I found in Florida, just hook a mid morning thermal that Turkey Buzzards are in, then you decide when you come down.

Keep the posts coming in, with respectto trimming the model out and the ups and downswink. Particularly interested in the motor and how it performs, I have never been keen on epicyclic gearboxes and inrunners, watching others struggle getting the assemblies holding together and the weight and length. In the case of my Sagitta (2m), stripping out my assembly, made it possible to get a bigger Lipo in and more powerful direct drive 480 sized canned (300w) outrunner.

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I replaced the clevis on the elevator with a ball link, as suggested by Andy, and it reduced the slight bend on the pushrod, visible on the previous page, to virtually nil but didn't totally resolve the 'two neutrals' problem. Mechanically it's much nicer solution. I still have about a mil or so difference depending on which way the elevator is moved but I've overcome this by getting into the habit of a touch of up-elevator after any down command. This resets the elevator to the known trimmed position.

ele 1

ele 3

ele 2

Not sure how a mathematician would see the geometry on that (embarrassed) but it works fine for me. Hasn't affected the gliding performance, thoughsmile:

champ alt 2365ft 170814.jpg

I did find that, at that height against a blue sky, the red translucent wings lost contrast totally and it did become difficult to see, so I may add some solid black to the underside for next season......smile o

Enjoyable to fly but the ailerons don't have a lot of authority and she covers a lot of sky quite quickly, so I think there are better thermallers out there, TBH.....


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