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Sink or swim


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Hobby king UK do ARTF yachts and land yachts. Me, I live less than a mile from a beach with acres of flat sand and areas of shallow standing water when the tide goes out. Ideal for foamy float planes like the HK Skipper. On a sadder note I've still got a Swordsman I and my late father were building back in 1961, he died early '62 aged 48. Its poorly built and will never get finished but its a 'connection' and will never be got rid of.

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Things moving on, well backwards! I trekked across town to the King Lear lake understanding that boat club people would be about after 10am weather permitting, and it was. No one there at all, waited an hour still a no show so went home!

So boating off for now, although it was a beautiful big lake, absolutely spot on for a float plane, as suggested above. Like it. Problem being I don't know whether flying is permitted (nature reserve). Also none of my flying buddies would be there to help me using a water runway. Still might investigate further.

So what to do, I reckon it's gonna be the Skywriter mass build. Just about to work out full costing. The only thing I have to hand is enough servos and lipos.

I'll have to decide before Xmas otherwise the money will,go on stupid things like council tax, car tax, and paying all the damn bills that rock up in January !

Decisions, Decisions.

PS Mrs C was surprisingly unaffected when I told her of my boating aspirations. I reckon I could get away with it you know.

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