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  1. Did anyone stay up until midnight to see the new tier in?
  2. Another possibility would be to look in your email folders, inbox, sent, archived etc.open a mail from, or to, a contact that you want, click on the address and use add to your address/ contacts. Bit long winded, but it will save you a lot off typing.
  3. Gonzo, I’m with you all the way. I’m gonna give it at least til March, to see what hits the fan.
  4. 18 months and counting! New model all fitted out only needs the heat shrink popping on. It’s the wing tips, always make a pigs ear of it. Can’t face it. Upside, there’s always tomorrow!
  5. I did indeed mean whether to paint or to cover with film. I be covered before, I’m not brilliant but it’s acceptable. I’ve never tried a paint job. I’ll wait a bit, don’t have to do it today, there’s always tomorrow. at least I can fly living on a farm with a selection of grass fields, no roads or footpaths.
  6. I have a solid sheeted fuse,SLEC funfly. I’m wondering whether to paint it or cover. What are the pros and cons guys?
  7. I’ve just started the electric version (4hrs) worrying already on the covering colours/design!
  8. Ok thanks I hadn’t realised any of the above. Cheers.
  9. Ok thanks I hadn’t realised any of the above. Cheers.
  10. Is there something inherently wrong with disc servo arms? I ask because there is little evidence of their use in forum photographs, or in aircraft at the club field
  11. Glyn44


  12. Way to go fly navy. Pleased for you.
  13. No football. Bank account healthier than normal. ( pubs closed!) Edited By Glyn44 on 03/04/2020 18:32:21
  14. Our local park received its first cut this year this morning (contractor)
  15. Petrol & diesel for your car will be next things to be rationed IMHO
  16. Just opened the curtains. Guess what, it’s chucking it down. Not so worried about the flying, I’ve got two dogs to walk in the mud. There’s no pleasure in it. On a brighter side it’s Leicester beer festival from Wednesday, it’s inside so might stay for the three days and “drown” my sorrows!
  17. Not me, far more sense, just got back from S Africa watching the cricket. Lovely warm, little rain. Ha Ha.
  18. I stopped hormone injections 3 months after the end of radio therapy. Been told might take some months to be clear of the side effects though.
  19. Well I went to my oncologist yesterday, full of trepidation, I needn’t have worried. My PSA is down from 13 to 0.2. He’s pleased I’m over the moon! Can stop the dreaded hormone injections (already had done so) Have an appointment for blood test January 2021. So I’m ok it seems. I wish all of undergoing treatment the very best wishes. It works. Mine was diagnosed early, so if been for test, please do soonest. Regards.
  20. A point missed I think is that most flying sites are remotely situated. Kids, even if interested, can’t get there under their own steam, especially carrying a days paraphernalia. Neither of the sites I frequent are even on a bus route.
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