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FMS Alpha Jet 2ch R/C conversion for PSS

Phil Cooke

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Well I had a great time flying my Alpha Jet at the Orme last weekend with PSSA online but I had to move my CG point back some way before I had it flying nicely. I had to dispense with the two nails and move my lipo back by 20mm to end up with CG being 85mm from the leading edge. As a bonus the AUW is now down to 115g. Can't wait for next time 🙂





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I have just finished my German Oldbury Something or other version




Interesting that Phil's C of G is 85mm - mine is 78mm but I have lead in the tail to balance that and I am at 139 grams which is a bit heavier - mind you lots of paint on this one. Maybe I could have done the flashes in waterslide - could have been done. Maiden at the LMMGA Comp, hopefully, this Sunday - looks like Edge Top to me. Anyone tries these in 15mph winds, which is the forecast?

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Lovely choice of colour scheme Pete. Looking at Sunday's maiden flight I think I would look at moving the CG rearwards a little if you can, ideally without adding even more weight in the tail. Are you able to relocate any of the radio gear further back at all?

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