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Setting up flaps with the Horus X10 Express on Frsky OS

David Pearce 4

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I use a Horus X10 Express using Frsky’s own Operating System, not Open TX.

Can anyone help me set up a three position flap on my Great Planes Mr Mulligan? I did find one explanation on RCGroups but this used Flight Modes and was really aimed at more complex glider set ups. All I want to do is set up a switch with No flap, half flap and full flap.


So far I have assigned each flap servo its own channel and assigned a 3 position switch to flaps.
Obviously the set up is done within the ‘Flap Set’ and ‘End Point’ menus but  my attempts so far have only resulted in the servos buzzing away and moving half the distance at best. If anyone has done this and can give me their menu values as a starting point, or any other hints, I’d be grateful. 

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I've done it with OTX, but one tip I can give you that should work with FrOS is to assign a 3-point curve to the flaps switch.  It sounds like your servo arms might need realigning on their splines to stop the buzzing and to achieve full flap deployment.  Once you've set the servos up mechanically so that they move the flaps from full up to full down, then you can tweak the three points on the curve to give whatever positions you want for full down and mid point.

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Thanks for that, the links are great and I'm sure I'll be able to set up the flaps now.

I like the Horus with the Frsky OS very much but so far I've just had standard 4 channel planes to set up. Flaps were testing me! I'll be trying it out after the weekend.

Thanks to all who responded.


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