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Prop selection for a Twin


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So ..... I have a newly found skill ( basic ) with the discovery of the Watt meter.


Let's say I want to work out the appropriate propeller selection for an electric twin. ..... Twin Otter, Beechcraft Barron or a Norman Bittern Islander.


Is it the case that I will simply have a Y lead going from the battery to each of the ESC's and my watt meter will be connected as normal between the battery and the Y lead. ..... I would then be able to monitor the various readings created simultaneously from both motors ?


I hope that is clear.


I'm not ready to do this yet but curious.



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As above, if you have only 1 battery then use the Wattmeter between the Y lead and the ESCs one at a time so you know what the motors are doing individually because on a twin it is important that they are working the same or close together. When you do this, it is also important that you have both motors working as the current drawn by two motors will make the battery voltage sag more than with just one motor running. You should also have a tacho in your equipment because likewise you need the motors to be running at similar rpms.

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