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Homemade GPS logger

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On 13/04/2024 at 13:37, Brian Dorricott 1 said:

I've got around it my address was incomplete on AliExpress, until it's has complete data not just postcode it gives error " cannot ship to country" .

Ah, I was getting the same message so I'll try that, thanks for the heads up.

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3 hours ago, Brian Dorricott 1 said:

You know what it's like when you get a new module to program , at first it won't compile because the libraries are incorrect ( hours wasted ) then it won't upload . More time wasted until someone on the Internet mentions you have to push the boot switch while connecting ! Knowing that would have saved me hours but its tinkering in something new so hey-ho . ESP32_C3 getting to like the the finicky little devil now I know how to talk to it .


Not something I have experienced UNLESS you program it with a void(loop) with nothing to slow the loop down so the uP is too busy chasing its own ar5e to listen to the UART.....then you have to force boot mode by holding down the boot switch while resetting the device....but it's not normally needed in my experience.  Also don't forget to set USB CDC on boot to enabled (in tools) or else the ESP32c3 wont talk to the serial monitor either.



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Hi all, I have finished my modifications to ‘Fanfantulipe’s’ RemoteID firmware. It has all it’s original functions comprising the French regulations for remote ID including a wifi web page for viewing on a laptop on the ground for both configuring the device, downloading the track plot data and displaying in real time the positional data. There is also a facility to transmit telemetry to a FlySky transmitter but as I don’t have a FlySky transmitter I have never enabled and tested this feature.


All info for anyone interested is on My drive



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So.... the PCB's arrived for the airborne gps logger with a small oled display - 

IMG_20240423_150619.thumb.jpg.432818614008baf9505f1cd6e5c9ffb9.jpgIMG_20240423_150629.thumb.jpg.ed7bc924375be53ca59f52c7e849fa0e.jpgThey came 8 to a panel making them very economical (5 panels is the minimum order ~£10 )


I don't suppose I am ever going to run out of them. 🙂


After building and flashing the xiao board it came out like this -




Pretty close to the intended layout mockup_oled.thumb.png.e48512826ad8c871cad20584862ce0f2.png


If you forget to insert a card it warns you - 




It advises you it is awaiting a fix from the GPS - 




Once it knows where it is it starts recording the fixes and displays the maximum height and speed achieved - 





IMG_20240423_145713.thumb.jpg.21b8f7610c041219afdf9bc58d33ee39.jpg        Powered by a 7.4v lipo - 


I have uploaded everything to my drive  I should note that not all the functions of the display have been tested ( like the "can't record another track because you have 99 tracks already"  but if they don't work the fix should be simple and there are comments in the sketch to help navigate it.)


That's it.... I'm done.




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