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A10 by Tn

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Has anyone altered the fan unit installation?


Looking at the drawing and looking at some of the TN A10 threads, the fan unit installation appears not to be conducive for replacement or any maintenance.

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I've built it.  Only flew it once, but crashed it due to loss of orientation and control (due I think, to the battery shifting in flight).  The only damage was to the nose though, so I'm waiting for good weather to fly it again.  I never thought about ease of replacing/maintaining the fans, but consider that rebuilding a nacelle would be not too difficult if necessary.

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I started having cold feet when I realised that a 4000 Lipo is required, then started thinking most if not all my similar sized models use 2200 Lipo.


On a positive note the long nose with the 4000 Lipo should mean that no Pb (lead) will be required, what ever.


Another issue going through my mind is finishing. I still prefer dope and tissue. Although I recently experience a problem with some tissue I purchased. From memory, it was eco friendly , being recycled paper. I found that the short staple length, compared to model span, resulted in unequal  growth when wetted, that pre wetting, caused partial disintegration, on drying out on the model left patched, creases. You certainly need to be careful of where or from whom you by it.


Now that Solar film has gone, the remaining branded products make even balsa sheet, seem to be low cost. Webbies is to far to go to see if they have any suitable matt grey or green Chinese/Vietnamese film.


Although I have used (and still have considerable amount of ) light weight cloth, using either WBV or finishing Epoxy resin would push up the finished weight by to much, to be bearable.


I have recently used laminating film, although I found that paint adhesion was not great, needs some form of surface etching to finish well.


On this basis what did you use?


I even looked in the hope that there was a big wing variant on the A10a.

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4 hours ago, Erfolg said:

One issue I have not as yet resolved, in my mind, is arming the model. Do you remove the wing, arm, then refit the wing?


Or is arming completed another way?


I don't remember what the plan shows, but I created a front-hinged hatch on the underside of the front fuselage.

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I have a hatch under the front too. Since I've smashed the front off the nose, I'm thinking I might adapt the canopy with magnets so that I can drop the battery in whilst the model is sat on its wheels.


Regarding power, I ended up buying some 4S1P lithium ion packs which are made up of molicell p45b. It had enough punch to get off the ground (eventually) and I'd easily get 8-10 minute flights.



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