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Hinge Gap Covering

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Evening All,


I'm currently doing some rework/repairs on a kit built Acrowot - removing a fluffed learning application of glass fibre, doing a much better job of reglassing the fuzz, then covering the tailplane in fabric and Ez Dope. 


Due to the brutal nature of removing the old glass, the hinge lines on both rudder and elevators aren't perfect. Usable, but not perfect. 


Is it worth doping some fabric over the gap, I was thinking top and bottom, to make sure I don't induce any flutter? Obviously applied with deflection built in to ensure there's enough flex for full movement. 


Or are there any other options?




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If you do cover the hinge gap just make sure the end result is really flexible. All to easy to rely on the power of the servo to overcome any resistance and then wonder why the servo fails. 😉

The hinge gap is primarily sealed to limit air leakage from the higher pressure side to the lower pressure thus reducing the effectiveness of the control surface. A single side cover is perfectly adequate.

I would agree with John S the best way is to first restore the structure to its original condition before worrying about the hinge. 

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Agree with above, fix up the structure. You've spent time working with glass, adding a little wood to straighten the edge out will be a quick job.


Rigidity of pushrods and/or lack of slop in clevis / servo, probably more important (in terms of flutter).


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