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  1. Flying yesterday, early as usual, the conditions were less than perfect so the Mini Super and MPX Heron stayed in the car. The chosen victim was the MPX Easy Star which gave me one hour flight time over four flights. Not easy or relaxing but good practice and fun. Today in near perfect conditions the Easy Star stayed at home. First up was the Mini Super, with the wing packed up by 2 mm, what a joy to fly ? just need to change the prop for a 10x4. Definitely getting there and it's beginning to grow on me. Next the MPX Heron which is a replacement for the Phoenix 2000, which is no more as I tried to fly it in less than perfect conditions (a lesson learned), I have made a launch dolly specially for the Heron, so the main task was to test it. It worked first time and the Heron quickly left it behind and climbed away in the early morning sunshine. This is so much better than its predecessor and well worth the extra cost, but the Phoenix was only £95 a couple of years ago and it has served its purpose of teaching me how to fly full house gliders and not to push my luck. Steve
  2. Thanks Ron that's exactly what I want but in a more controlled way. Thanks Pat I think I am beginning to understand. Steve
  3. I have measured the wing incidence on the plan which shows three degrees which translates to 3mm packing on the trailing edge to give zero incidence. Packing the trailing edge will decrease the wing incidence and, my logic says, reduce the amount of climb as power is increased. Exactly the same as increasing the down thrust. From the drawing the motor has two degrees of downthrust. which is the angle between the engine bearers and the sill line, which the tailplane is parallel to. This is the way I have always seen downthrust expressed and never in relation to the wing. I am going to pack the trailing edge by 1.5 mm and would expect the elevator down trim to be reduced. What do others expect to happen? Steve
  4. The initial flight showed it to be tail heavy even though it was balanced according to the plan. I removed 10g of tail weight which made it balance as on @Nigel Sharpplan above. Much better with no tendency to wallow coming out of turns. Next the model is overpowered on a 10x5 prop so I will try a 10x4. The issue is that at half throttle a lot of down trim is needed on the elevator and it will fly happily on one third power. The plan does say increase the down thrust for a larger motor which is not easy to do with a fixed cowl?. There are other options to try, throttle elevator mix or decrease the wing incidence, one at a time. Just need to make my mind up and get on with it. Steve
  5. With the Mini Super maybe I should do the same rather than trying to turn it into a sport model. That would work well when flying gliders on calm days, just for a change. I was thinking of flying when the wind increased but I have The OHmen for that. ? nothing wrong with the model it's just a question of perspective, how I view the model, and consequently its appeal to me. Thanks Matt Steve
  6. I agree and being all electric I don't have the added interest (anxiety) of trying to start an IC engine or (worry) of dead sticks. Just stick a battery in and have a flight while the IC guys are carting all their support equipment to the pits. Steve
  7. I started with a Riot which was totally soulless, but I saw it as a means to an end. This was followed by a couple of disappointing kit builds J3 Cub and Spacewalker, they both had design flaws that affected the end result, although they flew, I didn't feel any sense of pride. A big lift was given by a Jensen Das Ugly Stik I built from a plan pack and modified to get rid of the wing bands and dihedral. It flew on rails from the start and still does. No disappointments from then on until my most recent Mini Super I just have this feeling that it isn't for me. Maybe with a few more flights it will grow on me. Steve
  8. That's a good idea, for when I miss the automatic countdown, being on a switch will be a comfort as at present if I start thinking (worrying) about the timer then my flying skills drop, and the landings turn into hasty arrivals. Steve
  9. My motor is a 3541 1270kv with a 10x5. With your 3536 1250kv with a 10x5 the performance should be the same because the kv and prop are the same. ? I am wondering what the Watts are at WOT and will be very interested in your Watt meter results. Steve
  10. Maiden day for the 2022 mass built Mini Super, light winds and sunshine. This is the before picture and the after picture is the same ? Steve
  11. Flown Plenty of power on a 10x5 E. Steve
  12. I have checked my setup which and it has a 400-Watt specification which works well. Steve
  13. Keith this is what I used and it works well. With 3536 motors a larger prop may be needed, diameter or pitch. Steve
  14. Gents this is a decision made some time ago. Steve
  15. Here are the details from Sarik Jurca M.J.5 Scirocco (69") - Sarik Hobbies - for the Model Builder All included in the short kit. Steve
  16. Unfortunately it does not take many sarcastic belittling posts to put people off posting a question or offering help. Steve
  17. Back to the x-RES and the shaping and sanding. This could take some time as it's supposed to be flying season ? Steve
  18. @Jeffrey Cottrell 2 did a very good test here ending up with 3000 3S. Steve
  19. I used Corona servos because I had them from a crashed airframe. 4-Max recommends these 4M-100AMG-022 10g Micro 2.2Kg/2.5Kg pull Analog Metal Geared Metal Servo from £4.94 each from 4-Max for the S-9 Chaos which is bigger and equally aerobatic. I would think your 12g DMGs would be fine. Steve
  20. Yes it scared me so I took advice from an aerobatic pilot who demonstrated by doing the maiden. Throws are very low rates and will still do tight loops and quick rolls. Full power straight and level gave no huge increase in speed and no sign of flutter. Yes ease off and it slows down very much like a trainer. Strengthening the control surfaces by using hard balsa and increasing the size of the spars will not cause any balance issues, and could help if using a battery larger than 2200 3S. Reducing the size of the control surfaces will not cause a problem just increase the throws, marginally. The only reason I left the surfaces as designed was because I liked the look. Now I find it a dream to fly. I have only been flying for four years, we can forget two of those, one day I hope to do a roll. So even with my lack of skill it is a dream to fly. Steve
  21. Thanks Nigel the colour scheme is the result of indecision combined with accident, the aileron top was going to be yellow ?say no more on that ? Balance of mine is on the spar which is on the window upright as is Peter Mliier's. Mine could be quite lively on a 3536 900kv 3S then, I will let you know. Steve
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