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  1. Forgot to mention you exellent virile. Thank you very much.
  2. WOW, what a great idea Phil. Distance is the key. I don’t know about a channel indicator, but I could easily set up a led and battery circuit and clip leds to control surfaces in turn. Thank. You. Eric
  3. Hi all, Cannot find suitable info on how to do a range check on this radio other than a long walk. Has any have a better idea ? Also what is actually meant by “full range”. Thank you.
  4. Hi all, any one know an easy way (rather than a long walk) to range check a FlySky i6 radio. Also what does “full range “actually mean. Thank you
  5. I agree David. I was told the smaller cc size engines were fine, but larger ones had a different carb and were not so reliable. Cheers
  6. In suitable weather I fly my Super scorpion with the much maligned MDS engine which over the years has proved faultless. Built in 1973 I call my “best “ flier lol.
  7. I do think the advice given by Chris ( first answer) should be looked at. These models look beautiful and by all means buy one if you can afford it, but as another forumite said, “ both water based like swimming and fishing” You know your own capabilities, so go for it if you think it’s the right thing to do. Best of luck.
  8. Great video to watch plus the build. You are what we can call a true modeller. Rectifying problems as they arise, well done.
  9. It looks like a flier Neddy, nice build too. I seem to like the look of models with large wing spans lol. Cheers Have a good maiden.
  10. Hi all, have a foam board project soon for my grandson. Not sure what model yet, just wondered where can I source foam board, can it be sent by post / courier as there is no such shops around me. Thanks
  11. Thanks lads for the info, nice illustration John, got it.
  12. Thanks for interesting information. I useDeans connectors, that’s the reason for former question. Thank you.
  13. How ieasy to solder leads to bulb connections may I ask ? Cheers
  14. Leccy flier. What connectors do you use on your Lipos please ?
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