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  1. A couple of recent projects, a Lidl glider of course and a Limit EX from the old RCME free plan. Maidens await both.
  2. Good weather and a busy weekend at the RC Bootcamp here in Kent. The instructors gave flying lessons to 11 Scouts and 2 leaders on the Saturday and 10 people (a mix of kids and adults) yesterday. Over 100 flights on Sat and 70 flights yesterday. With the 8 laptop simulators providing constant back-up training it was satisfying to see how quickly people started to fly (real world) circuits and figure-eights by themselves. Flight demonstrations at lunchtime were well received too. The 4 Bigfoot trainers were worked very hard indeed but have stood up well.
  3. As Martin says, we don’t know whether the offender and the forum user are one and the same. Please therefore refrain from commenting on the forum user and his activity here. Thank you.
  4. All good wishes Matty, keep chipping away 🙂
  5. Thanks Stu, He has contacted several forum users, but has now been dealt with.
  6. Just by way of an update, we're still having scammers reported to us by forum users, two today. They tend to hone in on wanted threads. Here are two messages received by users from the same fraudster today: hello are you still interested in getting this?. you can contact Swift he has a Saito Fa-45s final variant for sale........... PM him @ [email protected] hello are you still interested in getting this?. you can contact Swift he has a Warbirds Replicas BF109 KIT for sale........... PM him @ [email protected] Please, please, please ignore messages like this. Just report the user and their message to a moderator and we'll take the necessary action.
  7. A short break for us, down on the Dorset coast, so the Weasel Trek went in the car. It’s had a couple of sessions from Portland cliffs in lovely smooth lift over the sea. I’m always amazed just how well this lightweight wing penetrates. In other news a seagull swooped down and nicked Mrs A’s hoisin duck wrap from her hand. I made the mistake of laughing too long.
  8. I’ve altered your user name Rosemary, to reflect your involvement with ‘Scale Me Down’, the business and YouTube channel you sometimes pop on here to mention.
  9. Thanks Ron, that pretty much confirms my thoughts. It was out again today at the Bickley glider fly-in. Warm but not quite as thermally as we wanted.
  10. Leprechaun day yesterday. Almost dead calm which helps. It’s always enjoyable although I can never decide what this model is - soarer, sportster, vintage looker, or a bit of each - but it caught a few upward draughts after a motor burst and stayed up for nearly 10 mins. Anyone got one? What do you do with yours?
  11. It is. Credit to Dan and Dave, the organisers, whose time, energy and enthusiasm have taken the project forward.
  12. Instructing at the RC Bootcamp trial day yesterday. We got about 14 newbies on the sticks (simulator and real) for the first time, the weather was kind and they all enjoyed themselves. A great day although I need a lie down now!
  13. Nipped out to maiden the 2m RES Mirai I've just finished. I've decided to have a go at some of the FxRes comps' this year, particularly as Kent Interclub is running it's own league for the first time. Some trimming needed but it went well in damp and windless conditions. I got the AUW down to 540g, whether that's enough we'll see.
  14. Too windy for the flat field yesterday but perfect for sea cliff soaring. We made some new friends too.
  15. Back after a holiday to find the weather hadn't improved greatly, still, there's always the hill and I had plenty of company yesterday.
  16. I’m just awaiting IT’s thoughts on the matter…
  17. All very best wishes Matty. I had a TIA aged 43 (I'm 60 now), I was fit and no obvious reasons for it. Thankfully no ill effects I'm aware of but TIA/stroke medical response and treatment have come a long way in the last 17 years, so you'll be far better looked after.
  18. Message just received from Andy in IT: Just to let you know I need to change the server for the main website (not the forum), I’ll be doing this in the next 30mins, while it is happening the main website may not be reachable by users. If users are going directly to the forum they will be unaffected, if they are coming via the main website (with www. Rather than forum.) they may get an error or not found message while the server address propagates.
  19. Yes, today was a very welcome dry interval. There were 6 of us at the field. A club mate flew his E-flite Draco. I'd not seen one before, it's an impressive beast and flies well, but then so it should for the money (£600+ new, although he got his secondhand for £300). A sun halo marked our departure.
  20. Rain over the weekend and Monday fed the river at the bottom of our field, so my floats came out again earlier this week 🙂.
  21. until
    At Felley Mill Lane (south) off the B600, Alfreton Road/Willey Lane, Underwood, Notts. This is a free open event and all are welcome, if you would like to fly then you must have proof of BMFA insurance. Bring & Buy on Sunday morning. Flying starts at 10am each day with a pilot briefing at 9.30am. What3words: laws.wasp.upgrading. To book camping call Terry Thorpe on 07971 707585 or email [email protected] or [email protected] or call 07805 525011. Details at www.hucknall-mac.org
  22. until
    At Felley Mill Lane (south) off the B600, Alfreton Road/Willey Lane, Underwood, Notts. A Battle of Britain weekend, let’s see your Spitfires and Hurricanes, plus 109s, 190s and Stukas. Car boot sale on Sunday morning. What3words: laws.wasp.upgrading. To book camping call Terry Thorpe on 07971 707585 or email [email protected] or [email protected] or call 07805 525011. Details at www.hucknall-mac.org
  23. Very good Leccy. I’ve been tempted by the batteries on Amazon, so I might try the Zeees if you’ve had good experience with them. Service wise, for my part, and like Ken, Leeds Model Shop again. Made two orders over the weekend and, without me asking, they combined the two and refunded a postage cost.
  24. Welcome from me too Dave, I enjoy your scribblings, good useful stuff 😉👍
  25. Similar observations at the bring-and-buy my club runs at the Southern Model Show, especially the last two or three years. Old, beaten up i.c.-powered airframes, perhaps a WOT of some sort we couldn't give away. These would have sold easily enough a few years back and been patched and flying soon after. Interestingly perhaps, we found that a 'well-flown' foamie, one with plenty of scars and repairs usually found a new home. So I wonder if it's an i.c.-electric thing with many newer flyers and beginners just not au fait with engines?
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