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  1. Overlander also do inrunners.
  2. There is no disputing that many people use Facebook and enjoy it, but that doesn't change the fact that there are also many who regard it (and some of its its terms and conditions) as objectionable and won't go near it. In my view, an organisation like BMFA with a well-established website should use that as its main communication platform. I have no problem with them using Facebook as well, but I, for one, won't use it. I regard the security of my PC too seriously - and for that matter I won't use Zoom either.
  3. Thanks Simon, but I (and I'm sure many others) would not go near Facebook with a proverbial barge-pole - please put a bulletin on the main BMFA website.
  4. Hi Rich, well as you know this is a very small little beastie, so it's all a very tight fit under the cockpit! All the "bits" were bought from HobbyKing. It flies on Turnigy 2S 180 LiPos and the battery fits into the scooped out canopy, above all the other electronics which are taped into the scooped out cockpit below. The motor is a micro 1712 2290Kv 3.5A 9.2g The ESC is a 6A (Brand X) and the RX is a tiny Orange DSMX for Spektrum. The prop is a GWS 4530. The servos (all 3 of them) are Turnigy1370A 3.7g. Hope that helps.
  5. Well if it's the same one I've got (I actually bought two) it only cost £3.99 so worth the risk. Hot water sometimes does the trick with EPO foam, but can spoil the surface a bit. If you are planning to "electrify" it, it makes a great little powered glider. Flies a dream and can even cope well with some wind. Mine is full house but I straightened the trailing edge of the tailplane and added an elevator made of EPP (a bit of packaging from another model).
  6. I have used 4mm gold connectors on my batteries ever since NiCd/NiMh flight packs were the norm, and all that time I have used a very simple system using round and square section wooden plugs drilled with a blind 4mm hole, and one or other of these is fitted to the negative (male) connector. Round for freshly charged, square for discharged. Being wooden plugs they also form an insulation so that they eliminate any chance of the leads shorting out in transport or storage. So I always keep a handful of square ones in my pocket, and after every flight I fit a square block as soon as I disarm the model, and when I recharge the pack back home I change this for a round one. Very simple and effective. I know some folk who use red/green fuel piping in a similar way.
  7. I can recommend the Lemon 6ch stabilized DSM2/DSMX receiver with diversity aerials. You won't need the Gear channel on a Chipmunk so you can use that for the flaps.
  8. I often see cavalier attitudes to handling armed electric models (eg. carried back from strip still armed with prop against stomach). Eric's scenario above begs for throttle cut to be set immediately on landing. Other accidents waiting to happen are scarves in cold weather. On the field I've also pointed out the danger of people leaning over armed models (or while starting i/c models) with loose tee-shirts hanging outside trousers in warm weather. I used to work for a company that sold fire-safes among other things. A very difficult item to sell to people that have never experienced a fire!
  9. Thanks for all the input guys. Actually the more I've thought about it, the logistics, parking, safety and organisational issues of a true Open Day (to the public) filled me with dread, especially as the numbers attending would be totally unpredictable. On the other hand, I would like to leverage the BMFA Flightfest concept to hopefully attract potential new members and generate local press interest. I'm starting to think towards perhaps inviting a local over 50's group (which I think is the most fertile source of new members who'll stick with it), or perhaps one of the numerous local camera clubs. That way we could predetermine (and limit) potential take-up for the trial flights, and the other issues would be more easily manageable.
  10. With the BMFA Centenary Year and "Flightfest" Open Days in mind, as the P/R Officer of a small club I am concerned about the logistics and planning issues - car park space, unpredictable numbers, catering issues, safety, kids, dogs and a myriad of other potential issues. I would be grateful to any other club members who have useful knowledge or experiences they could share - (good or bad/ dos or don'ts).
  11. I've had a Lemon stabilsed RX in my Mk1 Wot4-FoamE for a few years and never a problem. I can switch it on and off with a TX switch and only use it in windy conditions. You can see the gyro working hard then, as we get a lot of wind shear and down-draughts at our field - especially with a southerly wind. Great for cross-wind landings in high wind too. I have tried a similar setup in an aerobatic model with large control surfaces but this was so tricky to get the gains right that I went back to a standard RX. However not sure what you mean above Denis - moving the model on the ground is how you test that it is working, and to help set the gain. If you get no response from the servos when you pick up the model and jerk it around the axes, then in my view it ain't working and the gains need increasing.
  12. You can buy foamboard from The Range or from Hobbycraft.
  13. These any help? https://www.nexusmodels.co.uk/e-flite-15-size-90-degree-main-eflg1590m.html If not, I might have a pair. They are angled but I don't know to what degree angle as it's not marked.
  14. There's a film called "Ships with Wings" on at 1.20pm on the TalkingPictures channel today. It's set in the wartime Fleet Air Arm and although the film storyline is tripe, it contains some rare footage of Fairey Fulmars and Blackburn Skuas, as well as Swordfish. The Fulmar and Skua in particular are rarely-modelled aircraft.
  15. There are some booklets you can download, explaining various aspects of electric flight here ... https://dmfc.org.uk/articles
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