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  1. This is the Mustang that was flown, Wessie is busy with a refurbishment and wanted to see how it flew before doing the final detailing. Flies very well with plenty of power and nice sound as well.
  2. We had a Bank Holiday in South Africa so managed 3 days of flying. Byron was a busy boy as he had some test flying to do. We flew the Beaufighter which gave him a hard time and also a big Mustang for a friend. He also played with my Mick Reeves designed 1/6 Spitfire which I scratch built. Great flying aircraft and is my 4th one I have built. I did my usual poor filming but you can see how well it flies. Just added another 100 grams of lead to the nose as it was originally balanced before painting.
  3. What a great forum this is to be able to discuss the airframe directly with the designer, brave man Richard. I am sure you must have some interesting stories about some failures that were built! I was once at a South African event with David Boddington when a modeller as David if he knew of any problems with the 1/4 scale Pups ailerons as his one shed its ailerons. David asked what motor was used and the gent replied that it was an ST 3250! David being the gent he was replied that he did not know of any issues.
  4. The South African Airforce has just retired its last Turbo DC3's, they were used for maritime patrol, they replaced the Shackletons!
  5. When I worked at South African Airways we used to have an Historic Flight that had a DC3. In the 90's I built a DB DC 3 and would go to the hanger to get detail for my model, when it was completed I took it to the hanger to show the guys and left it under the nose of the real one. Later in the day when I went collect it someone had cut coke cans and made the drip trays and hung them under the cowl's!
  6. Byron and I have often spoken about making our own pilots but have never actually done it the old way with making a plug then a mould and then casting it. Byron did 3d print a pilot for the MB5 but was not over happy with it. We do not use the printer enough to get the best products from it. Byron's wife is very artistic and was volunteered to make us a pilot from moulding clay. The pilot was very realistic so a silicon mould was made and then the first pilot was cast in resin and came out very well and is light. All we need to do is to get the painting right.
  7. My son Byron grew up with both Grandads being modellers and most of my friends as well. when he saw my then brother in laws new garage he looked for a while and then said, shame you have no aeroplanes, you must ask my dad as he has lots! Byron thought all garages had aeroplanes in them!
  8. I understand the problem, lucky my wife has an issue with shoes and has quite a collection! The problem is what do you do with old airframes as you get nothing for them other than moans on how bad they fly! My wife biggest worry is that there must be space for her car in the garage, luck she is thin as the wall does have some airframes!
  9. The retracts are quite a complicated arrangement and almost look comical when retracting
  10. This is a stunning composite airframe that comes as a plug and play product complete with retracts. Byron had some association with the company as he helped with detailing some of the plugs and was given the opportunity to buy one of the early kits that was not completed and only in white. Masks were made and custom colour scheme applied. The retracts have been a challenge as the controller was an early one, a new controller has been received so the project can be completed
  11. They say all things are big in Africa so even the ARF's are big! You will need lots of big for this one including the workshop, transport and wallet!
  12. Very True Simon, can you imagine the drag when you close the throttle. The MB5 does very nice tail low landings which are required due to the undercarriage position. This is really a very nice flying aircraft.
  13. My son and I have just gone the solar route as our electricity supply was unreliable with daily shut downs from 2 to 6 hours and up to 6 days if a transformer blew or cables stolen. Thieves wait for what we call load shedding which is according to a published schedule and then steal the power cables! Lucky we do have a fair amount of sun so we no longer have to worry like we did in the past. Not totally off the grid but manageable.
  14. I just want to say thanks to all that make this forum what it is, from the RCM&E team who had the insight to create this forum to the moderators who help in keeping the forum in check and them all the users who take time to make the forum what it is. For a life long modeller in a country like South Africa it is nice to see all the projects and passion that still exists around the world. It is also quite a thrill to see many names of members who I recognise from the magazines, some of which date back many years. Covid, economics and politics along with age resulted in me having far less physical contact with other modelers as Byron and I now fly at a club which has 2 members so this forum is perfect exposure to modeling activities. Please keep up the good work Chris
  15. Really Nice Bronco Chris, looks great in the air.
  16. Byron and I flew the MB 5 yesterday and we had 3 great flights with the colour scheme really looking great in the air. The grey is surprisingly hard to see against a blue sky so you need to look for the green and the roundles. Landings are slow despite the small wing and general characteristics are excellent. I had my first turn at the sticks and enjoyed how easy it is to fly. The electric set up makes it just so easy with plenty of punch and instant power, the throttle is used as much as the other main controls.
  17. A while ago I bought a Beaufighter from a very well known Jet Modeller who had built the model to fly in scale events in South Africa as he had stopped flying jets and needed to keep active. On the 9th flight it crashed due to one of the brushless motors stopping! The airframe was given to another modeller who repaired it and flew it a number of times but was now moving to a smaller house and did not have space for it so he gave it back to Mark the original builder. Mark did not want to spend the time to get the airframe back to the standard he wanted so he put the airframe up for sale. Mark is in Durban and I am in Johannesburg which is over 500km away so I paid the money and Byron collected the airframe when he went on holiday to Durban a few weeks later. When I received the airframe I had to spend time trying to figure out what is needed to get the aircraft flying as this will determine how much time I can afford to spend on it as some improvements can be made. Mark did a great job in the original construction with lots of nice detail but it is now quite a complex and heavy model. Lots of servos, leads and multi boxes are in the airframe along with a nice set of electric retracts. I am slowly getting things done and am making sure that I have a good understanding of the set up. This is one project I have always wanted to build since the original article in one of the Traplet magazines many years ago and I even have a set of plans that Tony Stephenson gave me on one of his trips to this country.
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