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  1. Hi Dirk, ... beautiful & precise craftmanship as usual... Cheers Chris
  2. Hi to all, Well, still alive but not 'kicking' that much (yet, I hope)... The surgery went OK, a few days in IC & back home since yesterday. I'm still under heavy pain stilling medication so might be writing some total rubbish (once more !). I just discovered the points rewards for 2023 changed quite a bit, including some points awarded for the sprint races... I tried to understand but my sick/old neurons quickly gave up... ... at least I'm back & I made some rubbish predictions as well... Cheers & good luck to all Chris
  3. ... oops... apologies to Miss Crompton then, of course. Obviously due to my Belgian roots, I'm more familiar with the authors of Gaston Lagaffe, Lucky Luke or Tintin... Thanks for your wishes, KC. Cheers Chris
  4. Welcome back, Zflyer. I think the Fantasy budget cap remains very coherent if you only pick last year's 'back of the grid' ! Regarding 'Just Willaim' and the 'Outlawa', I can guess it must be a typo... ??? ... Very probably Mr Crompton isn't very happy with it... Cheers Chris
  5. Your argumentation seems very solid to me, Charles. Allow me to have a slightly different approach. Merc were still quite unconsistent at the end of the season and still had +/- 1 sec. deficit. Of course they will have improved for this new season, but so are RB and Ferrari. The same gap could still be very present. If Lewis still has his magic tricks at hand, young Georges seems to be learning very fast... I'm convinced that the pecking order of the championship will depend in majority on the speed of development by the teams during the season. As for Devries, giving him a few races, my best guess is that he will outperform Yuki while the GAS/OCO battle might develop in a epic way. This is just some kind of stomac feeling and as I wrote, I could be very wrong... Anyhow, thank you all for your best wishes, gents. Cheers Chris
  6. ... thanks a lot, John... firstly for your 'sudden reappearance'... and secondly for your best wishes... I really hope as well to be able to communicate about my 'recovery' as this first surgery is a heart surgery as I seem to have three coronaries in really bad shape. The second one - later on - will be a more standard abdominal and femoral intervention. Thanks & cheers Chris
  7. Hi all, I've been sending a PM to John P lately but it still remains 'unread'. Does somebody has a 'direct' way - phone or e-mail address - to contact our League Manager... ??? ... John S, maybe ... ? ... Thanks & cheers Chris
  8. I suppose a few of us are waiting as well, Simon... My best guess is that John P is having one of his splendid northern cruises somewhere between the Swedish waters and St Petersburg...
  9. ... In my opinion, the Mercedes boys aren't going to be contenders this year... Two alfamen in a team that still has some recovery to handle compared to the 'blues' and 'reds'. Could be wrong, though... Cheers Chris
  10. Thanks, John. Since a bit more than a year now, I've been struggling a lot with my mobility (heavy claudication in both legs). Not really looking forward to the surgery but it's the only way to get back a minimum of mobility... Also the main reason why I didn't start that Hovercraft build blog I told you about a while ago. Cheers Chris
  11. Thanks for your concern, Igor. As it is a heart surgery, I just have to hope as well... Looking forward to John P activating our League again. Cheers Chris
  12. Hi to all, I have to undergo a surgery next wednesday and need to be in hospital on tuesday. I'll very probably miss the testdays in Bahrain but would like to get my team/predictions ready for the first race. Therefore, could our 'admin' activate our League and provide us with the necessary entry code. Really hoping John P will be reading my request... Cheers Chris
  13. Probably vacuum molding is the proper way to go with this. ... pretty sure you'll nail it in the end, Dirk. "Geduld & moed" they say, isn't ? Cheers Chris
  14. McG 6969


    ... of course, we Belgians don't have that historical knowledge about toasts when compared to UK citizens. But this is what I discovered : A slice of warm toast bread covered with 'Sirop de Liège' (a Belgian syrup made of pears, apples & dates) followed by a layer of French Camembert on top. In the microwave for +/- 30 sec at 600W. Gorgious, but might be declared 'illegal' in some places... Bon appétit Chris
  15. ... I'm pretty convinced you will, Dirk. ... and really wish I could share that moment at some time. Groeten Chris
  16. Hi Dirk, ... still showing some amazing dedication to your project... ... some great 'garden flying', that's for sure... ... where do you keep getting that unbelievable amount of energy... ???... Greetz Chris
  17. ... ooh well, might be as well, David... ... but I guess DD's Surveillance Cam is unmanned and just bluetooth connected to... ??? ... maybe McGee from NCIS ... ??? ... Cheers Chris
  18. ... are you the one working or the one resting on the floor, DD ... ??? ... Cheers Chris
  19. The Belgian 'Poulidor' team... Red Bull - Ferrari - Alfa Romeo Leclerc - Alonso - Magnussen 1x change (at mid-season) replaced Alpha Tauri by Alfa Romeo A lot of DNF's (ask Fernando or Magnussen's 'meatballs' !) unfortunately. 'Lousy' predictions on my side as well. But I musn't be the only one... Quite funny to have nearly (5 out of 6) the same team as Igor. 🏁 Cheers Chris
  20. ... is this Fantasy WC, John... ??? ... If not, I just hope for a winning score for Wales. Just to please the PSS fans here at the forum... Cheers Chris
  21. Hello all, A very big thank you to John P once more. 👍 🏁 Congrats to John S, Tony and... me (!?) for this final race podium. As I kept my season's final second place, I suppose I'm the one who 'll be called Chris 'Poulidor' McG... Anyhow, I'll survive it long enough to meet you all here next season... Cheers Chris
  22. You're entirely right, Tony. On the other hand, ending second is the first 'losing' place... In Belgium, we call that 'doing a Poulidor'. Back in the days, Poulidor was a French cyclist who very often finished a cycle race second behind Belgian Eddy Merckx... But i'll manage to remain on the podium, I guess... Cheers Chris
  23. Hi Dirk, I guess you must be chuffed that you can finally mount your beloved EDF into the fuse... even be it temporary... After all those months of intense composite jobs, this must be heavily rewarding. Happy Dremeling now... Cheers Chris PS : ... my composite 'sock' for the wing joiner went absolutely fine... thanks for your assistance and advices. You're mostly welcome to stop by in Zaventem when/if you're in the neighbourhood...
  24. Well done GrumpyG, Pete & Tony... Despite my team doing an acceptable job, with just half a prediction right here in Brasil, I can only blame myself. No point of getting nervous though, I think Tony can close that small gap with ease. Ceasar would say "Alea iacta est"... AD here we come... Cheers Chris
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