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  1. https://youtu.be/HY32Gq-chlg Flaps connected up, seems to work fine. Still plodding on. Chris
  2. After a second look at the ailerons I decided that if it was good enough for Mr T, it is good enough for me! So decided to follow the plans for hinging the ailerons. Seems ok to me.
  3. Well I've now had one of those 'i wish I'd done this earlier' moments. Decided to solder a copper control horn onto the flaps as didn't have much confidence in the paxolin/epoxy method. It was interesting to say the least trying not to set light to the flaps I'd spent hours getting to fit! The second flap crank was much easier as it isn't yet fitted in the flaps, but on future builds I'll make sure I solder before I bend the wires to shape... Once I'd done that I cut out and marked up the lower aileron sheet, I'm thinking of trying to make up my own rds system to keep the control linkage for the ailerons hidden rather than have control horns on show- worth a try at least. I've also looked at where I'll position the flap servo - although it will be a tight fit it should fit in engine nacelle undercarriage bay (with a bit of luck!)
  4. Progress has slowed with it being summer again... Have been sorting out the flaps, lots of bending piano wire to the shape on the plan, once set in the flaps there's loads of testing them in place to check the geometry and then adjusting slightly to fit. Instead of making up the hinges out of paxolin as shown on the plans I used pin hinges set on an angle.Once I was happy with the fit of them I added the flap Shrouds. I plan to epoxy the paxolin push rod in place on the wire, if it won't work I'll end up making one up from copper and soldering it (carefully!) on.
  5. Although I understand some of the comments on other threads from those who've lost money when traplet went, I for one am happy to see that the plans will still be available. Just waiting for them to update their website with what plans are available and at what price.
  6. Not plan related, but does anyone have the series of articles on making your own silencers? Think they were somewhere between 2003 and early 2005. Thanks, Chris
  7. chris meek 1


    Just got in after watching it. Overall was very impressed - liked the way the storyline went (am not going to say anymore on that!) felt more like a suspense/thriller than a 'war' film. And liked how little dialogue there was.
  8. Just after posting the last photo I had another look at the plans, turns out the upper and lower spars are both made up of 2 quarter inch square strips for the first 7 ribs.... Obviously I realised this after all the glue holding the spars into the ribs was well and truly set!! Anyway, after setting to with a hacksaw and some files I was able to add the second strips to both spars and re did the webbing. Now on with the upper sheeting. Am toying with the idea of glassing the wings to add some strength to stop any 'clapping' moments.
  9. Start made on the wings, nearly finished the webs connecting the upper and lower front spars. Next job will be adding the leading edge then it's on to the upper sheating.
  10. Have to say, I'm really impressed with the service from slec. Ordered a new supply of wood from them on a Saturday morning - arrived with me the next Tuesday. Now I should have enough for the wings. I've spent time working out the retract operation so have made some slight alterations to some of the wing ribs to fit the servos in. They're behind the c of g slightly but I think with an onboard glow and battery right behind each engine it should balance out. The plan shows the spars made up of 1/4 inch balsa but I've read somewhere that some bt mosquitos have had wing failures in flight, so I've substituted them with spruce. Next step is setting out the spars and ribs for the first wing - will add photos as it goes together. Chris
  11. Thanks for all the advice folks - ended up going into the printers the other day, rather than trying to explain it over the phone. Turns out the Person I had spoken to had nothing to do with the printing department (it was an office supply store!!) - spoke to the right people and it certainly looks lke it will print full size....... Might find the plan gets smuggled in when swmbo is out!!!! Chris
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