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  1. All adhesive backed heatshrink fabrics work better with the application of an extra adhesive on harder non-absorbent surfaces such as ply or Ali or GRP. Solartex used balsaloc, Coverite used Black Baron and Sig fabric used Stix it. This is not priming! The video on the Sarik page does use Diacov and it does have subtitles which quote temperatures. I have used Diatex and I can assure you that it needs the entire airframe to be covered with fabric cement prior to the application of the fabric and then the fabric surface sealing with dope after shrinking. Very different to Diacov. So, to me, the video is entirely correct and you have implied the need for priming etc. I have bought a small amount of Diacov from Sarik to trial and I found it stuck to balsa surfaces easily without any additional adhesive as you'd expect, plus the iron temperature was non-critical. I would ignore any verbal info you've been given by Sarik as it seems that they have added unnecessary confusion.
  2. Is it possible that you are mistaken? The video on the Diacov page on Sariks own website does show Diacov being applied. The difference between Diacov and Diatex is that Diatex has no adhesive layer and the video shows a covering that does have an adhesive layer (plus indicative temperatures). So, I'm not sure what the issue is! https://www.sarikhobbies.com/product/diacov-1000-adhesive-film-for-model-aircraft/
  3. Didn't Ian say he had an operable sliding canopy on his model? If that's radio operable I'd say that is weight you can well do without for a maiden flight.
  4. I suppose I can finish this thread off now with a successful conclusion. After finishing the model in primer, it was successfully test flown in October 2022. I then left it alone until this spring when I painted it and it was flown again at the first PSSA event of the year at the Great Orme.
  5. Have you balanced the aircraft laterally? There's a honking great silencer hanging off the right side which may well account for the screwing out of erect loops to the right and inverted loops to the left.
  6. The photo of the flat twin was easier to identify. It's a Matador 60 twin designed by Derek Giles. It was a homebuilt engine and the plans are still available from Sarik: https://www.sarikhobbies.com/product/matador-60-60-twin-plan-rc1539/ Still no idea on the single cylinder engine.
  7. Genuinely interested as to why the OP hasn't seen a thread on this subject on the forum.... IE why don't all the other BMFA members on this forum not need to directly contact a member of the BMFA staff here to check for updates to the handbook. Is it because we all check for updates on the BMFA website? Or that we take advantage of the email updates that the BMFA offer on such things as changes to regulations, or even, dare I say it, updates to the BMFA handbook.... It is perfectly possible to help one's self.
  8. Because you didn't answer my question about which version of BMFA handbook you currently have printed off, plus the fact that you've responded to Andy Symonds statement that an updated version is due soon, that you'll then print off, can I ask again which version you currently refer to prior to going flying? You repeatedly pop up on threads about model flying legislation giving advice, yet it appears you are currently unable to access any copy of the handbook. You also take great delight in jumping into threads from beginners asking for advice and offering them confusing and often out of date or wrong information. I have seen other members ask you this questions before without being answered: do you currently fly R/C models?
  9. What version of the BMFA handbook do you already refer to? As you could just update it manually if you don't wish to print the whole document again....
  10. Magazine Exchange website is working fine. I bought some magazines from it just before Xmas. It does list the issue with the Hodson DH84, but currently no stock. Worth checking back every so often if other avenues fail. https://www.magazineexchange.co.uk/cw/rc-model-world-magazine-september-1987-issue.html
  11. Hi Roy Looking good, great progress. I have to agree with regards the elevator linkage. I've seen the plan full size today for the first time (managed to rescue a kit from the BMFA Classifieds!). I was hoping that using a modern, small servo for the elevator would avoid the need for the kinky linkage, but I could see from the plan that the aileron torque rods were in the mix, as you said. I may now look at putting my elevator servo behind F4 so it avoids the aileron linkages and maybe helps to get the balance point right if I use a slightly heavier motor than shown on the plan. Interesting to see your clubmate old model with the Cox Tee Dee 09. I bet that shifted and was very audible in the air! I'll start my own thread soon, but keep up the good work!
  12. Note that the iGull name is now defunct and the business is now called Sky High RC. The Puppeteer ribs sets can be found here: https://skyhighrc.co.uk/flair-puppeteer-rc-scale-model-aeroplane-laser-cut-balsaply-rib-sets
  13. Oh dear - your link is for a Super 60 which is the wrong model. Try this instead https://belairdigital.co.uk/detail.asp?id=495
  14. Galaxy models made the Foxjet which was just a swept wing single vertical tail style model. FMK models made a small F-15 style model which was very similar to the Raider. Was often demonstrated at shows as a pair of models fitted with piped MDS .15 engines which were copies of the Rossi .15. Qwate farst..
  15. Looking good. The jet pipes set it off a treat!
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