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  1. I have used stiff card with a coat of varnish.
  2. Zacki is the one for the Multiplex kit, which is what I am putting together, but i wondered whether anything else could be used in its place. Just trying gorilla which is not to good. Have some none branded ca which l am trying on the gash bits of epp.
  3. As above. Apart from Zacki elapor anyone know which other ca is suitable to use on epp?
  4. There is a joining fee at my club. As most of the members role over the actual amount garnered by its use is minimal as we have few new members. It does act as a deterrent to those errant members who have to be chased for subs, and may I say also causes those who wish to join to reflect on their commitment . The cost of maintaining the site is not constant as there are costs to replace toilets, the provision of water on site, waste removal and the usual breakdown/replacement costs which currently all seem to escalate. With our shrunken membership the chances of expanding or enhancing our facilities are somewhat limited. Should the membership increase to its former size then a 'one off' joining fee would aid in that area.
  5. I agree that a chat in the local shop is beneficial. Supply concerns will be with us for awhile I think. The club I belong to has no formal instructors and whilst I am happy to be on the other end of a buddy box I don't know that my limited skil would aid someone to attain their A certificate. Leaving the weather aside for a moment I have always found having the teacher and pupil (is that word outdated now!) being able to meet on a regular and short time scale has been one of the more prevalent problems. My first attempts, prior to joining a club and getting a different model, were with a Delta Ray. Not unsuccessful but made me realise I needed a suitable place to fly and a teacher. Regarding your choice of model, I found both the Foss Wot 4 Trainer and Boomerang superb. Not foamies, I concede, and I converted the Wot 4 to electric by moving the firewall forward. I had no prior knowledge of thrust angles or even what motor to use but it turned out fine
  6. Look at Experimental Airlines on you tube. There a little be old now but the principles are still the same. Though you don't have to cover with packing tape if you choose not too.
  7. Missed predictions was at the field repairing and painting the picnic benches so i think there will bwe a challenge for the bottom spot. Lol
  8. Would be interesting to know what the conversation was and what the response was. If it was just a straightforward no then we really will have to up our game.
  9. The need for security is always given paramount thought. However I can still drive my car into the exclusion zone and even park it near to venues and 100's, possibly 1000's of people and yet no one is searching my vehicle. Eight miles away model planes and drones do not get to fly. I will obviously and rightly adhere to the rules. Are you saying Andy that the BMFA ACTIVELY engaged in conversation and got to explain the flying nuances.
  10. I am sure some will look on this as being sexist and discriminatory. And it is because the job advert is asking for a Woman.
  11. I totally agree. The bit that should be questioned however is the no right to appeal or have an exception considered, not the ban itself. That said little can be done now and hate to say it but the West Midlands Police C.C. is crap, unless your very woke.
  12. Seems to me that Bruce tells the mayor that they will put a plaque on the tower naming the mayor as giving the Tower to the citizens of the town. Then Bruce and his band repair maintain it. Mayor gets the kudos, bruce and co get the tower... Having seen his aardvark blog seems the NZ health Service and roads are in the same state as the UK's.
  13. For good tips and instructions on using depron look at Expiremental Airlines on youtube. The guy has stopped now and whilst the videos are a few years old the techniques remain the same. If you can't find it try typing Armin Wing into Google then click k on videos to search.
  14. I note the NOTAM is a week early in that the Games do not commence until the 28th July. Further this period supposedly only cover drones, stated in the documents. AS from the 28th July till 9th August all unmanned aircraft. On review and looking at my OS Map it would appear the Club I use are in fact on the Boundary. The annoying thing is no notification to us via the BMFA, unless it disappeared into the e mail ether. Given we have to have CAA Registration they should have e mailed us or at the very least be aware of model flying sites and notify Club's.
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