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  1. Ohmate with Cox 09 Medalian and homemade Gallaping Ghost radio ,flew very well,used a Rand actuator,quite expensive in the day!
  2. Hi Tom, I have several HRB 6S Lipos and they seem very good so far .
  3. The last 6s lipos I purchased came from Amazon Prime,no costs at all.
  4. Thank you GG ,that was a great help,Brian.
  5. Could anyone tell me how to download my digital copy of RCM&E please.
  6. Thanks Guys I,ve ordered one today.
  7. Has anyone used the AR410 aerial less rx,s yet?
  8. The last one was a parcel from Amazon via DPD, as if they don,t know my address by now !
  9. How about the eflite Timber ,again very forgiving with massive wheels and sprung under carriage and spare parts are available probably.
  10. Thank you Frank ,you are probably correct.
  11. Thank you Frank ,you are probably correct.
  12. I,v e just been trying to order a Fly Cat but they do not have any here and they have now decided they cannot ship from Europe ,what is wrong with them?
  13. Yes please,that would be nice if we ever get to fly indoors again.
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