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Peter Miller

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  • 6 months later...

I have acquired a nicely built Oodalally from the disposal of our late ex-secretary’s fleet, powered very adequately by a Thunder Tiger GP42.  I was sceptical about the aileron bellcranks, but with a bit of tightening up at the servo end of the linkages, the free play is minimal and there is no tendency to flutter.   It flies really well and I am delighted with it.  It is a pleasing piece of his handiwork to remember him by.


I don’t have a copy of the plan, so could you please advise on the recommended CG position?  The balance point is currently forward of the wing spar, even after removing a couple of ounces of nose ballast since flying it yesterday, so I assume I could move it back a bit for some slower landings.

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I had the plan and the magazine, and really fancied building the model.
So I sent off for the wood packs ( during Covid so no wood about) and I was quite happy 

with it all. But and there’s always a but, with other projects on going it sat there 

for ages and eventually I decided the sell it.

In my modelling life ( and normal life) I have made many mistakes, and selling the kit was one of the biggest

mistakes Possible. 
It still looks inviting, well you never know, another bad winter and ……….


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Here are the photos as promised.  Dave had a number of foamies and ARTFs but I think this was the only model he built himself.  He gave up flying IC some years ago (I had certainly never seen it at the flying field) but the TT GP42 started with almost the first flick.  The pleasing lines of the design and the generous wing area are apparent in the photos.  The unusual metallic blue covering sometimes blends in with a blue sky (not that we have had much of that lately) but the shocking yellow undersides leave me in no doubt as to its orientation.



Oodalally 1.jpg

Oodalally 2.jpg

Oodalally 3.jpg

Oodalally underside.jpg

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That looks great. I have  found that blue does not blend into sky blue skies as it is darker and if inverted it is in shadow.


I think that the fact that I actually bought the kit for my electric conversion says a lot for the model and it's handling. 

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