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Forum members' new models: Let's see them.

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There is no specific thread on members' new models, apart from one model topics. I'm starting the thread to anyone who has just finished a model, to photograph it and put on here.

A photograph and a short description of each one is ideal and lets see the models getting ready for their maiden.

First a H9 P-40 Warhawk, with E-flight Twist n' turn retracts and a OS 61 FS engine.


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Posted by Bustergrunt on 05/07/2013 22:26:15:

I've recently got my hands on a Hanger 9 Taylorcraft...lovely...

...but cqn't get the pic to load...

Try re-sizing the image. I find that trying to upload 2500 pixel images are too much and makes this little size go gaga and crash.
Use Photoshop, for example to resize around 1024x768 and upload onto the site. Much quicker and works.

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dscf4690.jpgAlthough I built this a few years ago with brushed motors, I'm currently re-furbishing it and fitting brushless inrunners, using Nigel Hawes advice in the current RCME. I'm having to make a few changes so hope it qualifies for this thread. It's a 51" span Hughes XF11, scratch built using three views of the full size as the starting point. The only drawback was having to slightly widen the very small fuselage nacelle to get everything in, but otherwise it's scale and looks the part.

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Re-painted Lander 70mm foamy EDF. I decided not to use retracts to save weight: takes off from a dolly and belly lands on the grass.


PND Sea Vixen. Twin Wemotech 70mm EDFs with HET 2W-25 motors. Now complete but not yet flown.



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