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  1. A year on and she is still in the same condition. I was not happy with the finish and I just sort of gave up. I need to re cover the whole model and sort out the slop in the elevator controls and finish the rigging. Just can't get motivated with models at the moment. sorry Tony B
  2. Naaaa Reliant Regal saloon. Worst car ever built EVER. So bad i had three in four years and that was only because i kept rolling them on corners. Plus i only had a motorbike licence. I had an Anglia 105E as my first proper car, once i had passed my test.
  3. Mine is not finished and i doubt it will ever be. the covering is pants and i have lost heart with it. sorry gents. Tony B
  4. i cant get my silkish to go on at all smooth. have given up and thrown the model in the bin. Tony B
  5. balsa wrapped round wire. bend the ends 90 degrees and connect to a servo. he he he
  6. hello take your root aerofoil. grab the outlne and extrude it out to the length you want. then while it is still grabbed, scale it down so you get the taper needed. you can also drag it about to get the slope needed on the leading edge. hope this helps in some way Tony B
  7. I know this is an old thread. But i have to mention that while at the great dorset steam fair this year with some models. i met a chap who did his aprenteship at thorbury and was there when they were shooting holes in the tsr2. he told me that one day a flight of lightenings turned up and the pilots just shook their heads as they walked away. Tony B
  8. Not a flying model, but it is still a model. 4" scale. Tony B
  9. oh i finished it. not flown as i am taking a break from models. Tony B
  10. decided to finish this one off. need to sort the front canopy, paint the rear gunner and she will be finished. Tony B
  11. guildford boy here. i fly at a club in Riply. Tony B
  12. My 1982 vw t25 camper passed the MOT with no advisorys. Tony B
  13. yup just cover the underside. i also did the rigging wires while i could move the centre section round easily on the bench. mine is glued on now so it is fixed for life. Tony B
  14. i covered mine before fitting to the centre section, made more sence to me. Tony B
  15. far neater job than i managed to do. soon be finished then Danny. Tony B
  16. Nearly finished. you would not think there are only 25 years between these two aircraft. Tony B
  17. the tailplane was cut from one piece of 10mm and two lengths of 6x10mm balsa were cut to act as hinge spars. the spars were cut to length and stuck in place with Uhu por. i then sanded the leading edge to shape and sheeted the top and bottom of the tailplane with 3mm foam board. the idea is that the 3mm overlaps the balsa spar and helps to hold it all together. the main wing was done basicaly the same way, except that i added some foam spars and a couple of ribs to help shape the airfoil section. i 3d printed some dihedral braces to set the tip anheadral and then fitted some thin spars before sheeting the tips and gluing them on. the wings were then put to one side, so i could get back on with the fuselage. Tony B
  18. I started by cutting the fuselage sides from 10mm foam board. each side had to be made up from two parts, so i added a doubler to strengthen the join. then i started adding formers cut from more 10mm foam board. you dont need many formers as the 10mm board is quite strong. i added some more 10mm sheet to the underside of the fuselage to add support while i cut more formers. then the rear end was pulled in and a notch cut out to take the tailplane. more to follow if you are interested. Tony B
  19. I built a large TSR-2 many moons ago out of depron for pusher prop, due to prop clearance issues it never flew. so i have decided to fit twin edf's in the original, so to gain some flying experiance i have decided to build a small tractor prop version out of HK foam board. Build blog to follow. Tony B
  20. the tsr2 is foam board as is the jetish. foam board just takes a little bit of getting use too. Tony B
  21. i have just started trying foam board. the 3mm does not bend as well as depron, but you can get round that carefully. the sheets are smaller though. Tony B
  22. My latest enters paint mode. This one flew last sunday. This one was flown by a friend a couple of weeks ago. Tony B
  23. nice work sir. my servos are under the pilots seat as well. Tony B
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