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  1. I don’t mind the adverts,in fact they are useful to me.
  2. Like to say how good Leeds models are ordered a new transmitter, communication good delivery very quick.
  3. Nice work,had one of these years ago,needed quite a bit of nose weight but flew ok with a sc 90.
  4. Been looking for a 12 ix spektrum,by the look of it this transmitter is no longer available.I can only see the 10 channel and that comes without touch screen.
  5. I use a local blacksmith,only costs a few quid.
  6. Are the 8ft fences to keep us in?
  7. Yesterday at around 11.30 the Lancaster flew over our flying site,one of the lads had to land sharpish.It did two circuits over moira canal festival then disappeared.
  8. Years ago I would have said make a new wing,not so easy now as you can’t get obechi,like jd8 said maybe cut the wing and rejoin it.
  9. I am thinking of getting a radiomaster to replace the Aurora,do I need a PC for open TX?Thanks
  10. They used to sell the black ones in packs of three at my local,think they were called black shadow,obviously never tried them myself.
  11. These are for use with a separate receiver battery,called opto I think.They should still work and sometimes it's not a bad idea to use a battery instead of BEC.
  12. Just wondering if anyone puts the reg no. on models and has anyone ever been asked for it.
  13. Threaded inserts are a very good idea,I will try them myself.I put an os 75 in mine and it is lively!
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