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Show Us Your 3D Prints

Ian Jones

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Posted by Ian Jones on 14/07/2020 19:24:32:

Last year I converted my 16 years old Tutor 40 to VTOL for it's final and unplanned landing surprisecrying 2. That shortened it considerably and what could be saved was consigned to the spares store.

I always like to have a trainer to play with so sought a replacement, which courtesy of a seller on Ebay I now have. Though it's hardly been flown it did have it's noseleg "locked off", which is an absolute pain. The problem with 3D printing the required steering arm and mount was that it would need to be highly durable so the usual PLA was not even worth considering at all. ABS would be better but nylon better still.

Well I bit the bullet, did some research and to my surprise my first nylon printed failed due to a filament snag and then success came at the second attempt. This is going to be a game changer for my future modelling needs.

So here is the completed assembly:



The was also an issue with the push rods, one of them rattling against it's nearest former so decided to convert to snakes (as I did with the original). This time using ABS I made some push rod/snake exit covers.


STL and Simplify 3D factory files are now included in our group at **LINK**

Steering assembly **LINK**

Exit covers **LINK**

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