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Ian Jones

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Posted by Itisme on 01/11/2017 20:59:41:

Stearman PT-17 KaydetFinally finished and flown, it needed the motor assembly moved forward by 10mm to get it to balance properly. Surprisingly there’s were no nasty surprises for it maiden flight.

Fantastic !

Where did you get the build files? What filament did you use, how much does it weigh, got any video? Questions questions!

Could tell all in another thread if you want, I'm sure lots of us would like to know more.

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The files were from 3dlabprints material pla, weight is 2.1kg ( spot on weight as per the instructions ). Missed a video for the maiden flight will try to get some for the second. Took about 70-80 hours to print (could have been longer i didn’t take to much notice of the time). Max speed was 26mm/sec for my printer (geeetech i3 pro c - built from kit) slower speeds gave the best print. Took a few bits of trial and error to get the slicer settings right (simplyfy3d) the free slicers can have problems with thin wall printing the most of the print in 1 wall thickness 0.4 nozzle. Every part but the electric gear and piano wire is printed - including the springs and pins in the landing gear.

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Now I have my 3d printer up and running have been looking at Kraga planes to see if I could print one of their models namely the Kodo, a power assisted glider.

Kraga kindly provide a sample test piece to print so you can see if you can print to a satisfactory stsndard before buying the whole set of files.

After a couple of trial prints I have managed to get down to the 8g specified for this piece.

The hard bit is covering the framework.

Even with solarfilm the results are pretty poor to say the least( and yes I have seen their help video)

The best results I can get is with traditional dope and tissue as shown below.

Photos to follow

Has anyone else got a better solution?

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Further to my last post have given up with the open style of wing from Kraga and have downloaded the files for a 3dlabprint Easymax001 powered glider.

This employs thin wall printing and prints the wing in parts ready for flight, no need for any covering.

An absolute pig to get the settings right on the Cura slicer and it took me 8 prints to sort it out.

Am now halfway through printing out all the pieces and will be starting a build and review blog under a separate heading. My blog on a Pettigrew Mosquito has been relegated to the shed by swmbo until after Christmas but the 3d printer has hung on in the Conservatory.

Don’t want to start the blog until I am sure I can finish it.


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That look great Tony.

Robin, one solution I am looking into is mixing 3D printing with traditional building. Can't report much at the moment . Health problems have slowed down all of my activities, including progressing with 3D printing, hopefully that all going to improve now and I'llbe able to update when I've got some positive results.

I would very interested in how you go on with the fully skinned printing as that is another (delayed) project I am working on.

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I was quite pleased with the results of printing a landing light for my Tempest build.

In place and working at a more scale-like speed...
This is what lies beneath
I must say that 3D printing offers a wealth of opportunities for scale modelling - hopefully this will be the first of many details I shall be able to add.

Edited By Martin Harris on 18/02/2018 23:59:46

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Posted by Tony Bennett on 18/02/2018 16:59:39:

i mix printing with depron in my builds.

my aerobat has a 3d printed front section including battery box, motor mount and u/c mount with a depron outer skin.

The wellesley has some thin 3d printed formers to maximise internal space for cockpit detail.

Tony B

Mixed builds seem a popular way of making up for missing detail, how did you find the weight worked out with the printed formers?

I've got some catching up to do! Nice work everyone thumbs up.

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Posted by Robin Etherton on 07/03/2018 20:16:24:


Only just saw your post.

The easymax001 is now finished. The thin wall printing is easier than it looks and is just a matter of fiddling with the settings. 3dlabprint instructions are very helpfull.

See my blog for details.

Finished model below.


Thanks Robin, seen the blog, looking foward to hearing about the maiden.

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Hello from Austria,
here you can see some pics of my new MIG-15 Fagot printed on a Anycubic i3 Mega "out of the box"! The parts are fitted together only with tape - just to see it´s impressive size ; )
The construction of the 3D-Labprint-plane are very fine!
So i am thinking of ... i want to design a BAE English Electric Lightning EDF Jet (90mm) in the same way as the MIG is constructed!
So to my question: Is there a chance to get 3D-files of a Lightning? Do you know somewone?
I want to see this fantastic English fighter in the air here in Austria!!
P.S.: My English is not so good, i hope you can understand what i try to say ; )
best regard Goinz






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