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Ian Jones

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At the moment by far the most my 'printing time' has been spent making parts for the printer!

The Anet A8 is a good machine but to keep costs down all the wires leading to the the bed and bridge have to 'dangle' to allow for the movement. It looks a little untidy and as most of the flex is concentrated over a limited distance it might lead to the wires cores fracturing over time.

A quick brows through the "Thingiverse" web site confirmed that others had come to the same conclusion with print instruction available for many different types of cable track.

So to gain experience in printing I set about doing the same for my printer.

Of course not being entirely satisfied with the initial results many hours were spent modifying the original designs until it ended up like this with cable tracks for all 3 axis.

aneta8mods.jpg The mains power board now has a switch and socket for a plug.


The mother board is also fully covered.


Nothing to do with planes but it has given me plenty of printing practise! wink 2.

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Just an exercise really but I wondered if it was possible to print a moving single cylinder engine. Based loosely on a Mills 75 but slightly bigger at 1cc.




And can be spun round - hence the printed flywheel.

Not really a practical proposition as it took quite a bit of work with needle files to get it to move freely.wink 2

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Having printed an engine that goes round I wondered if it would be possible to make one that actually works - on compressed air. wink 2

24 mm bore and stroke (about 10 cc) but double acting with piston valves.

Complete 2

Made up of 21 printed pieces that are super glued together. Note the substantial external balance weight to compensate for the weight of the piston and connecting rod.

To get it free running enough it leaks quite a bit but it does run - just!

It takes lots of puff!

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Posted by Trevor Rushton on 16/04/2017 08:18:03:

Tony, I like the look of that wheel; I have drawn up something similar for my Avia using Fusion 360, however I got stuck on drawing the spoke holes on the inside of the rim and I have not progressed it. What diameter are you making? I need about 90mm.


idea Ah! now I get it!

Slow or what embarrassed.

Great idea chaps.

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I saw the wire holder that Ian Jones had printed and thought that it looked a relatively simple thing to have a go at designing with Fusion 360, so, using the principles in BobW guide in 'Fusion 360 for modellers' thread, I had a go!


It works too!

Quite pleased with myself!


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