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  1. Will be up for a scale day again whilst we still can Chris. 👍
  2. Thanks all for the comments. Pete, the way I see it we all push each other to be better in different ways, I'm just trying to keep up! Your confidence in throwing a new model off the cliff, Phils impossibly neat building, Alans encyclopedic memory, Andys production rate of new models not forgetting everybody's skill and ingenuity in creating the masterpieces seen on the slopes. Add to that brilliant flying, breathtaking flying sites and the fun and laughs on & off the slopes makes the PSSA an amazing group of people I'm grateful to be involved with! Anyway, my Sabre may be spread out across the hillside next weekend! ?
  3. One more Phil! Practically finished aside from any final tweaks and touch ups! (Hanger rash already! ) Ailerons, flaps, elevator, rudder & 2 pylon release servos. AUW 2280g , pretty much 5lb, but feels OK. Needed 134g in the nose to balance & the tanks don't seem to affect the CoG when released. Finished in glass cloth, primer & 2K paints. Decals sprayed or water slide transfers. Pilot & seat 3d printed. Modeled on XB812 Canadair F4 Sabre used by 112(F) Sqn RAF in early 1950's at RAF Bruggen, Germany & now residing at RAF Cosford Museum hanging gracefully inverted from the hanger ceiling, albeit in a later squadrons makings.
  4. A little late but many thanks for an excellent weekend! I love flying here due to the interesting obstacles and the tree line! For example... Approach the strip low left to right, just clearing the hedge, banking right all the way to the end of the strip showing the top side of the model, pull up sharpish to get over the large trees. Turn 270 deg left to approach the strip again towards yourself, coming in low over the wind sock in the middle or even through the gap between the two smaller trees in front!. Bank hard right & a gentle climb to fly around the two big trees on the left. continue the turn to approach yourself across the strip again, descending over the windsock to turn left & level out to fly to the end of the strip to the right again. Pull up hard to a vertical climb rolling into a split S and into a low right to left pass down the strip and then........ It's so easy to flow from one maneuver to the next. Great fun to fly with friends tail chasing. Overall another fun weekend camping, flying, talking. Chinese takeaway was spot on as always, delivered direct to the field! Thanks again DVMFC. ?
  5. Great to see some colours going on Chris. I've been away from the forum for a while so have a lot of reading and blogs to catch up on! ?
  6. A similar masking principle was used for the sharks mouth on the underside of the nose. The outside area was masked with tape and then the mouth was drawn onto the masking and cut with a sharp scalpel. This was sealed with clear coat and, when dry, sprayed white with a mist coat first followed by a heavier gloss coat. When dry I covered the entire mouth with vinyl masking and drew the gums and teeth. When happy with the layout I carefully cut through only the masking and removed everything that wasn't going to be white. The unmasked area was the airbushed with clearcoat (again!) and then red. Vinyl masking was also used for the ID letter and fin flashes. The gun ports were painted from a built up mask drawn and cut on the Portrait cutter. This was to ensure accurate spacing and positioning. The masks were applied to the nose and again the surrounding area masked off. A sealing coat of clear coat then black shading half on the mask and half on the Sabre, heavier across the rear and top edge of the port graduated to lighter, almost non existent towards the bottom and front. I still have to colour in the eye! Next is panel lines, shading, jet intake and serial numbers.
  7. I should also add, keep the paint products separate! Twice I thinned the coloured base with clear coat not thinners and I nearly wiped the prepared area down with thinners instead of degreaser! ?
  8. Strange coincidence? It is in fact modeled on the one hanging from the ceiling at Cosford Museum except in a former life with 112Sqn, mid 1950's. Not quite at the panel lines stage but they'll be airbrushed on over tape. So far I've been working on the markings and roundels. The surface has been flattened down first with 1000grit then 1500grit which helps to get rid of the raised masking lines. I cut vinyl masks with my Silhouette Portrait and laid the outer mask in position, masking the surrounding area. I then airbrushed inside the mask with clear coat to seal the edges of the mask to prevent paint bleed. When dry I airbrushed a light "mist coat" of white to aid adhesion to the clear coat. This was then over covered with a heavier coat of white. you can see why I flattened down the camo lines so they don't show through the decals. When dry I applied the two outer circles of the mask. Masked off the joining lines of the circles and applied another coat of clear coat to seal the inner circle of the mask. Again, when dry I sprayed the inner circle with red, let it dry then removed the masking tape from the joint lines in the mask, taped over the fresh red and removed the outer "blue" paint mask. More clear coat to prevent bleed and a blast of blue. Finally, when really dry I removed all the masking, cutting the circles so that I can peel the masks off perpendicular to the paint edge so it doesn't pull the paint up! This is where you find out of it worked OK, or not! This was done for all the roundels and fin flashes at the same time to save time on paint mixing, layers and drying times. P.S Thanks Pete. After reading your instructions and a bit of head scratching I have managed to figure out how to insert the photos within the text! ??
  9. It's been a while since I've been in here! Managed to figure out the messed up login but still can't find my old photo albums, and I'm not sure how to add a new photo to this post! Still, onwards! Managed to get a bit more done on the Sabre. Cockpit has been fitted out & painted, canopy stuck over it & blended in to the fuselage, plenty of sanding & filling too! Finally got to the stage where it was ready for some shiny paint, along with the Meteor. I started by spraying the underside which was left to harder over 24 hours. This was then masked off & a coat of grey applied to the upper surfaces which was left for another 24 hours. The masking for the camouflage took nearly 2 hours, which was quite long considering the much larger Meteor only took 3 hours. Finally the green was sprayed over the grey. Next step will be to add those small details that take forever and some airbrushed insignia and markings.
  10. Thanks Phil. I have used 2D cad programs for Architectural plans for work but that was Autocad R14 from the 1990's! Once I stopped trying to use Fusion 360 like Autocad I started to make some decent headway! Always up for learning new skills whilst I'm still young! Andy, Sorry! Busted!   Edited By Chris Barlow on 16/03/2020 15:24:26
  11. Excellent idea Dirk. I'm sure there'll be plenty of SAR volunteers to pick up the pilot! I did try to release a secret agent parachutist from my Vulcan bomb bay but even though he jumped from quite a distance from the slope face, due to the slope lift he cleared us at quite a good height and made his way off to invade the pier on the other side of the Orme!
  12. I remember the days when a pilot bust, shoulders up, was good enough for scale! What has happened to us! Your pilot as drawn on the plan reminds me of the old Dolly peg dolls!
  13. Time for some bench flying soon Chris? I wonder sometimes whether the additional weight of glue negates the weight saving of not using solid, soft balsa? Decisions, decisions!
  14. How are you finding the peel ply Rob? The Sabre was the first model I've used it on and have found it leaves a very nice finish, plus it's oddly satisfying to peel off!
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