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Battery position

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Hopefully a nice simple answer.................install the battery in a position that gives the correct balance point (CG) location  according to the instructions, or at least in a position that reduces the need for lead ballast. Not in the engine bay - too much oil and crud. Usually as far forward in the fuz near the fuel tank. Goes for most IC tractor 'planes.

Had an Acrowot from a kit for years as my hack model.............never bettered! Hope you've got a decent engine, they like plenty of grunt, but can be flown gently when the mood takes you.

Just a thought......Even the old kits had a weak undercart mounting and I think the ARTFs suffer from the same thing but only worse. If your field is in any way a bit rough, it'll be worth adding some reinforcement.



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Thank you for your comments both

You have a good point there Cuban 8 about reinforcing the under cart section. I will look at that.

Richard when you say you put it next to the tank did you mean at the side of the tank in the same section because that is about where I reckon I need it to get balance .

Many thanks

Tony J

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My Acrowot has a Laser 70 in it, no lead and the RX battery goes underneath and in front of the tank. I use a 3S800 lipo and an external electronic switch/UBEC.

I made a hatch up out of the weird bit of fuze that can be cut out for electric or something (couple of dowels and hatch catch).

I started off with the battery in the fuz above the wing and lead in the cowl, but after moving the C of G to the published figure (started forward), I just moved the battery forward and dropped the lead.

They fly super nice, hope you are impressed with yours.

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