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  1. Do you have an account and were you signed in? If not you can't add items to cart I don't think.
  2. I don't know of any I would put anywhere near my heli's, never mind actually in the tank lol. I have switched away from the 25% and now run opti 20 slv, no difference in power that I am capable of noticing, slightly cheaper and better consumption.
  3. Might be worth considering investing in a dedicated discharger that will discharge much faster like the ISDT FD-200. Wouldn't be without mine, don't like leaving my batteries charged for more than a day if I can help it.
  4. A couple of years ago I made a mistake charging at the field and forgot to change the charge current from the 25A I had used at home to parallel charge. I charged a 6s 1300 mah quadcopter pack at 25A, over 19C!! I knew something was up when after 3 mins the charger started beeping to tell me balance charge complete! I am now far more careful with setting the current, but pack is still going, albeit performance has now dropped off a little. just replaced it this year after hundreds of cycles being charged at 5C.
  5. Whilst you are reading up Toto, if you have several packs of the same cell count it may be worth looking at parallel charging.
  6. Until your have done some research into it, best to stick with the 1C rate and you won't go wrong. (1 x the capacity in ah, so 3300 mah is 3.3A charge rate).
  7. standard charge rate of 1C would be 3.3A on those batteries. Personally I charge at 3C (9.9A on those batteries) which I consider safe, but make your own mind up on going higher than the 3.3A 1C charge rate
  8. what is air frame, do you have a picture of the rudder and fin?
  9. I have a couple of 10's of the same vintage, run mine on 18% synthetic 5% nitro without problem, but my engines my choice so to speak.
  10. My description of the Pitts model I don't think is uncomplimentary. I had the Blackhorse one, similar size to the Skybolt. It is heavier, it is shorter coupled, it is much draggier, flys faster, and needs more attention to the controls but it is a blast to fly and I love it. My comment comes from the Skybolt being a better choice for success earlier on in your flying journey
  11. If sounding good is a priority I would say look at 4 strokes. For me 2 strokes are a means to an end, but sound awful especially under silenced petrols which most are. I would rather have electric in a scale plane than a 2 stroke. Saito FG-21 would suit the Skybolt I should think.
  12. Can't help specifically on the petrol Toto, but mine has an OS 120 4stroke glow in it, and I wouldn't want less than that. If it must be petrol, I would think a 20cc would be the way to go. The model is a great flyer on the whole, predictable and doesn't have any bad vices. Like you said not ready for it yet, but unlike say a heavy Pitts, it is relatively easy to fly.
  13. This happened to me last year with my Hangar 9 bf-109, servo failed mid roll. Interesting getting it back down I didn't have a higher rate, I do now! thankfully was not quite at full deflection so had just enough to keep it level and rely on the rudder and got it down safe.
  14. The align switch is not heavy, and easy to press with little finger, very easy to use for planes as well as helis. At £50 it's a steal,
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