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Dawn Flyer - Low Pass Pete's Mass Build 2022

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Hello everyone Great idea for a Mass Build. 


I enjoyed building Pete Miller's Ballerina, and Lindsay Todd's Skywriter and Renaissance as part of previous Mass Builds.  All still flying.

Already had a plan for "Dawn Flyer" to build so why not dedicate the build to this years Mass Build.  Will be a first electric build for me.  Anyone got a spare set of Flair Vintage wheels they have no use for and would like to sell?



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Elite Models are showing stock due in later this month for wheels.

I shall be following with interest, as I built and rebuilt mine at least three times, before finally not rebuilding it.


If I were you I would reinforce the rear end of the "tub" with some thin ply to avoid the problem I had.


My build for what it is worth is here. MY build.


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3 hours ago, EarlyBird said:


There is some advice to extend the nose and be aware of tail weight. CofG being the issue and ending up with a heavy model that flies fast, not a problem for you I assume.

Yes, I agree. As a returnee, and a long time passed since my last build!!!. I elected to build this one. If I remember I ended up with a requirement for abou 240grms of lead in the nose!!.So look forward to hearing/seeing  some ideas , and a mass build.


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