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  1. Looking good @ken anderson., for me it would have to be the Delta!!! Far too many projects at the moment though. I shall follow yours with interest.
  2. All the best @MattyB, hope you make a full and speedy recovery.
  3. Well there was me thinking done!! Made my predictions weeks ago, even before testing. And yep you got it. Forgot to select my team!!!
  4. This came out of an FX Substituted with an ASP liner. Still going strong!
  5. Yes you do!!! A full report once your experiment is complete, good or bad.🤣
  6. You missed a good day @Ron Gray🤣 The X20PRO performed flawlessly. 👌
  7. Got to be in it to win it!!! Well I am in and that is as far as it will go..
  8. Stow already has a model show. Well they did the last few years. Just looked for the 2024 date, but no sign!! Last year!! https://www.stowmaries.org.uk/event/stow-maries-great-war-aerodrome-large-model-air-show-533541104807
  9. Yes and no! Yes my TX records a log file of every flight. Do I check that? Not unless I need to see a dedicated value I.E. GPS position, height or max speed. I also have a widget that increases each flight and calls out the number of said flight.
  10. A small but spirited group took to the sky's on Saturday. Not nearly as cold as the Sunday before.
  11. Flying today with the express intention of checking out GPS. I will try with my Taranis and my Tandem X20 to see if there are any differences. I think most of my logs that do not have that GPS line are from the Tandem X20 and ETHOS.
  12. Or here!! Neck strap holder
  13. Been doing some tests myself!! Managed to connect to many satellites. Did a quick test with GPS set to DMS I now have a GPS column. And the trace puts it exactly over my house!! All tests conducted using a Taranis X9D running Edge TX 2.9.2 I shall investigate further. Kev
  14. I had a thought at work today!!! Maybe it has something to do with the way the GPS is configured in the "radio setup screen" this on my Taranis X9D running the latest EdgeTX. Can not remember the last time I played with the X9D. Sure seems antiquated. No touch screen etc etc. Been sat now for 20 minutes waiting for the sensor to pick up even one solitary satellite. Currently I think it may have to do with the Coordinate format DMS/NMEA Storm Henk is battering my location at the moment and cloud cover is 10/10. Not ideal for our budget level GPS to work under. I will try again tomorrow.
  15. Interesting. I just did something similar. Loaded an "old" log file and it went straight to Google Earth. Tried to do the same with a "newer" log file and there appears to be a number of changes in the way the GPS is read. So I get the following error. Note on the left hand side we now have two fields called Latitude and Longitude. Using the old file. Clearly marked GPS. This one imports into Google Earth no problem. I shall investigate a bit more.
  16. That could be it. I will take a look see.
  17. Nope, it was way easier than that. No additional software involved, other than Companion and Google earth. At least that is how I remember it!
  18. I use the FrSky version extensively. Speed and position seem to be fairly accurate. A screenshot showing some data from my Freewing Vulcan. Many years ago I manged to import the data and show a flight plan on Google earth. Can not for the life of me remember how I did it. If any one knows please tell me. There is also this as an alternative. Bit on the pricy side though. SM-Modellbau I like them. I also have telemetry set up to call out speed, height etc etc on a button on my X20
  19. A couple of mine also need the RTC battery changing. Probably shall not bother now as ETHOS looks like it is dead on the TX12S. The second is a BETA machine and rarely sees the light of day. The other on Edge with touch screen mod does not need doing.
  20. Now it is actually Christmas!!! Merry Christmas everyone.😀
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