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Old Radio Controlled Model. Can Anyone Identify It?

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Despite my protestations this model aeroplane was forced on me by my club colleagues as we were reorganising the club's workshop! As you can see it is beautifully built with a fully sheeted, tissue-covered wing and tailplane. The threaded rods sticking out of the wing tipscrew into captive nuts in the centre section. The engine is an OS40 FSR. It is fitted with extremely large Multiplex servos so it probably dates from the late Sixties or early Seventies. I've managed to get the aileron servos working by wiring up the cable to a more modern cable and using my servo tester. Minus a receiver and rx battery it weighs a whopping 10 lbs, or 4.5kgs. I ran a tape measure over it this morning expecting to see metric measurements but to my surprise I found out that the wingspan measured exactly seven feet so I thought that it might be a British or American design. Temporarily, until it's identified  I've named it "Le Truc," French for The Thingy!


Has anyone seen one of these before?

Le Truc (1).JPG

Le Truc (2).JPG

Le Truc (3).JPG

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