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  1. My own (Outerzone plan) Cardinal features a Mills .75, but fitted with an RC carb from an Indian Mills 1.3, which works quite effectively. Obviously I had to fit an external fuel tank - in my case a free flight item. Filled to the brim, I get 4-5 minutes of relaxed pottering, which is exactly what was required! Tim
  2. I'm no expert, granted. I give my diesels a squirt of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) if they're not going to be used for a while. Tim
  3. Old is just old........ TimπŸ˜‰
  4. There are thousands of perfectly good, albeit used, IC engines out there. I think that the future availability of fuel will be the deciding factor. Tim
  5. I've been enjoying the series - to a degree. Yes, it's a vehicle for two well-known blokes to have a bit of a larf, but they have been sympathetic to a variety of hobbies - including ours. It can't have done us any harm anyway. Tim
  6. Didn't the late Dereck Woodwood describe the best models as' fresh air - lightly trimmed in balsa'?
  7. Hi Tom, Good luck with the Siebel. As Martin has hinted, it's not an easy model to fly - probably due to that big flat nose, I think, causing airflow issues. I flew mine for quite a while, but I was happy to eventually retire it. Tim
  8. Blondihacks is a YouTube channel devoted to home engineering. It's creator, Quinn Dunki, is a Canadian engineer who makes machined metal items. Currently she's working on a live steam loco, from scratch. https://www.youtube.com/@Blondihacks/featured Highly recommended. Tim😎
  9. I'm guessing you're seeing the thin elastic band that held the lower hatch in place whilst the UHU glue dries. Tim
  10. My new Antares is waiting for some decent weather to make its debut. It's a replacement for the brown tissue attic-find thar I'd been flying for quite a while until the ancient balsa cement gave way in flight. Anyway, here's the new one, all resplendent white, grey and pink film. Span is 54" and weighs near 5lb, so it'll need to hustle to stay in the air. There's a 700 watt, 4S power train, turning a 10x6 prop - all pinched from original Antares, so that should be ample for some big aeros. An added detail is the milled ali motor/noseleg mount. Fingers crossed.......
  11. What a super day!😊 Many thanks to Chris and the guys for all their hard work and commitment. The weather was pretty much perfect - little wind and hazy sunshine. I counted over 80 models present - ranging from ARTF foamies to full-blown balsa masterpieces. All were welcome. Yes, there were one or two incidents, but that's the nature of the hobby, isn't it? 😎 Tim
  12. Geoff, that neck looks like a fine piece of work - well done! I'm still very active on the local uke scene. Last weekend our Shifnal club took to the second stage at the Shrewkfest festival here in Shropshire. Tim
  13. With me it's a matter of convenience and cost. After several years of flying 10S electric models, I found the limiting factor was recharging at the field. Either I invested in multiple battery packs (to be charged at home), or find a way of field charging using either a) a large leisure battery of b) a small generator. Eventually, the penny dropped that it would be easier to take the engine out of the generator, and stick it in the front of the model! So I turned to petrol for a while. These days, the big electric models languish in the attic, whilst my self-imposed limit for electrics is a manageable 5S. Oh, and the diesels........πŸ˜‰ Tim
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