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  1. BMFA offer guidance and publish rules set in place by others. Failsafe has many answers as seen above, satisfy yourself you do it safely, that's pretty much it.
  2. There's always an example to find, look again and you'll find far, far, more examples of when things worked out, but less attention gets paid to those. And no, it's not the situation I find myself in, I'll continue to get involved, the rewards outweigh the miniscule risk.
  3. Not aimed at you Robin, aimed at the idea that doing things, leaves you open to being claimed against. Strange thinking from a group that sets flying clubs up, and permits people to fly, not exactly risk free is that.
  4. Why you always take things to the extreme ? Provide something, or do something and you're liable, cut grass get injured who's responsible ? Where is this claim society that prevents people doing sensible things ? In somes heads or much exagerated ? Do we provide a first aid kit ? No we have nowhere secure to leave it. Do we provide one at events ? Yes, plus extinguishers, safety fencing, cook food, have campers and folk flying and milling about, get a grip.
  5. I like a man who makes a decision and then gets stuck in Toto, don't forget to enjoy it. 👍
  6. I'm gonna disagree, choose a model to suit the man himself, what you learnt with is irrelevant, so is your love of it. For some it is difficult, they never get were you got, Franz is an old lad probably some health issues ? Get him on an Apprentice and let technology help the man have some fun.
  7. I reckon I and others, have edited and closed way too many threads because some can't control themselves, here we are yet again. Andy appears to have his questions answered, so with apologies to Andy, thread closed.
  8. Others had the tyres Erf, Lando pitted for his whilst safety car slowed other drivers, that gained him time and the lead.
  9. Seek and you shall find, no idea this was there, explains who scored what.
  10. Scoring aside, great day for Lando and McClaren, car has some pace, hopefully it continues.
  11. I don't understand my score, predictions not great, sprint o.k, race very poor for drivers, mystified.
  12. Brown Gorilla glue, easier to tidy up than epoxy, sands a cuts.
  13. Simple, to convince your instructor that you're safe to release into the community.
  14. Sounds the same as my Seagull Funky Cub, there was no way to remove and replace the captive nuts, a floor supporting the curved upper formers blanks access to it. The simplest and less damaging way of tackling it, is to fashion a hatch underneath the tank bay, via this hatch you can cut some of the floor away to get at the captives.
  15. Because a model is capable of extreme stuff, doesn't always equate to being hard to fly, you can tame the beast somewhat, then up the rates as ability dictates.
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